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Marvel Comics Incredible "HULK vs. THING" from the Fantastic Four! Was there ever a better "dust up" than these two titans goin' to the knocks? I personally don't think so. In 1964 Marvel Comics offered up this awesome battle in all it's glory! Thanks to Marvel's Editor and Chief acting as Writer for these 2 issues-Stan Lee! and Artist Jack "The King" Kirby! Fantastic Four #25 and #26 Hulk took on the entire Fantastic Four team as well as The Avengers! (Wasp/Giant Man/Thor/Captain America/Iron Man) by part 2 (#26) of "Hulk vs. Thing" storyline. Even a young Rick Jones shows up and joins in the flurry! I've read this two part story from issues #25 & #26 of Fantastic Four many,many times over my life-it never gets old! Definitely my favorite 2 issues/story in all of comicdom. Jack Kirby's artwork was absolutely charming,though not definitive. I have 2 copies each of the original 1964 issues of Fantastic four #25 and #26 in FN (fine) condition. Luv it! Click image for larger version

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Back then it would have been an interesting fight but now a days where the limits of Ben's powers and the limitlessness of Bruces powers have been explored there is no way the Hulk would loose, at least against the Thing alone.

The Thing is increadibly tough but his strength is still finite. The Hulk's strength grows in proportion to his anger so there's no way Thing could stand up against Hulk unless he some how gets lucky and knocks Hulk out early.

I'd really like to see the Hulk throw down with a character like Thanos. You know someone who is far outside the ideas of physical strength (think cosmic powers). I'm sure Hulk would probably come out on top (especially these days) but Thanos would give him a run for his money.
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