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The Big Butt Book

The Big Butt Book

Now this is something I can... get behind.

From the product description:

The Big Butt Book explores this perennial fascination with female booty—from small and taut to large and sumptuous—in the fourth installment of Dian Hanson's critically acclaimed body parts series. Over 400 photos from 1900 to the present day are contextualized by interviews with porn icon John (Buttman) Stagliano, filmmaker Tinto Brass, artist Robert Crumb, bootylicious butt queens Buffie The Body, Coco and Brazil's Watermelon Woman, plus Eve Howard and her life-long spanking obsession.

Now even Brett Ratner and I have something in common.

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I should look into this book. Looks like a fun book. Maybe the next time I go to Barnes And Noble, I will see if this book worth it or not. Off-topic but I sent you a pm about Matt Cassel Badbird.

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Looks good but the title is too vague.
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The title sounds like a Sir-Mix-Alot biopic .
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I have quite a few big butt mags.
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