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World War Z. The only book I recommend...

Hey MFC peeps. Who all has checked out and loved or hated Max Brooks' World War Z? For those who haven't, its a completely realistic, journalistic approach to the Zombie Apocalypse from numerous war survivors ten years or so after the battle to reclaim Earth was accomplished. Its a beautiful, harrowing, scary as shit, disturbing, insightful, hopeful, absolutely incredible book. A must read, IMHO. If you're into all things zombie, and you haven't checked it out, I can promise you won't be disappointed.
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I read it a couple years back.

I read about it just as it was coming out, but didn't get a chance to pick it up for a few months after. I didn't care for it. I could not for the life of me understand what was going on (are there zombies yet?) and it felt pretentious and overcomplicated.

Then I started it over a year or so later, and it is pretty cool. It's not a "pick up and go" book. I found it better to soak up as much as possible in a few long sessions. I heard the audio book version is almost a superior experience. Too bad a film version will never come out at the level it deserves.
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I read it twice. What a perfect book.
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Great book with many great stories woven into a story about a global zombie outbreak.

Some of my favourite parts included the blind monk gardener and nerd in Japan who become zombie-slayers, the part about South Africa where they develop a strategy to combat the zombies, the Russian massacre, the scene of chaos in the Indian harbour, etc.
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Its definitely a bit hard to get into at first. Its much different then most zombie books out there but once you start to understand what Brook's is going for you start to really get into it. One of the most mature and striking zombie stories I've read.

And give Day By Day Armageddon a read too, fucking awesome book. Sequel comes out tomorrow.
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