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"The Departed" Writer to Pen "Oblivion" Sci-Fi Movie

Walt Disney Pictures has hired William Monahan, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of "The Departed," to pen a big screen version of the futuristic adventure graphic novel "Oblivion."

Plot: In a future where the Earth's surface has been irradiated beyond recognition, the remnants of humanity live above the clouds, safe from the brutal alien Scavengers that stalk the ruins. But when surface drone repairman Jak discovers a mysterious woman in a crash-landed pod, it sets off an unstoppable chain of events that will force him to question everything he knows.



The new movie will be the next project for "Tron: Legacy" helmer Joseph Kosinski, who has spent the last year working on the story while putting the finishing touches on "Tron."

Source: Deadline
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Sounds pretty damn cool
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Looks pretty damn good.
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I'm a little surprised we haven't heard more about this project. While I'm iffy on Cruise's involvement, having Morgan Freeman and Nicolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) in the cast cements my interest.

What are everyone else's thoughts?
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The current IMDB description is:
A court martial sends a veteran soldier to a distant planet, where he has to destroy the remains of an alien race. The arrival of an unexpected traveler causes him to question what he knows about the planet, his mission, and himself.
This sounds awesome.
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Originally Posted by Zeus9 View Post
The current IMDB description is:This sounds awesome.
It certainly does. Filming finished last month, so that might explain why we haven't been hearing much about this. However, I did read somewhere that a trailer will be coming out in the next few weeks. I am also curious to see the graphic novel Kosinski wrote that was the inspiration for the movie.

With this, Elysium, Pacific Rim, Gravity, and Looper, the renaissance of good, original sci-fi we've been getting over the past few years will be in full swing.
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