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Snobbish Musician Thread

A place for all musicians to congregate and discuss what they are working on currently, their equipment, and their inspirations! This applies to Schmoes who belong to a band or any other musical organization, or just those who play an instrument!

I'll start by saying that I just bought an Ibanez grx20 back in February and am still enjoying it! The color's just great too. It has that comic-booky feel as if it would be a guitar played by some cliche hair metal band back in the 80's!

I'm looking for an electric keyboard as well, but that probably won't be coming my way until I'm at least done shooting the film I'm working on. Also, I've gotta say that most musicians in my area are complete egocentric deuchebags! I've been in and out of so many band-related projects that I've just about given up on even entertaining the idea. Anyone else have any better luck?
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I have an Alvarez AD60CK--her name is Ally (clever, right? )
and a Casio CDP100--its decent. =)

I don't do gigs anymore..
I feel too old for it..just not my thing.
I was never a "band" kinda girl..
I preferred to fly solo.

nowadays, I play for my own entertainment!
I have don't have as much time as I'd like to..
but currently..I'm dabbling with some Regina Spektor covers! =D
(specifically: Braille, Raindrops, Musicbox, & Fidelity)
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That's awesome, Gogo! (Love the name also!) I've never played a gig personally, either. As I've said, the bandfolk around my town are far too prude to accomplish writing an entire song let alone actually play a set-list somewhere. They're far too preoccupied being Metallica fanboys. (Metallica if good, no hate here, but if I wanted to listen to Metallica...I'd put Metallica on.) Have you ever recorded any songs? I'd love to hear some!

And yes, Ally is a cute name for an Alvarez.

Oh, oh, oh! I learned Jean Genie by David Bowie last night. Fun song. I feel pure class when I play it.
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Oh C'mon, you can never be too old to rock a show unless you're in a band called Metallica.

My last big purchase was a used Ampeg SVT 810 from Guitar Center, and almost 6 months before that an Orange Bass Terror. I ended up shelling out no more than 1500 dollars for both, which is a motherfucking steal.

I really like the natural compression and tones of Orange gear.. my drummer owns a Tiny Terror and a 4 x 10 Orange Cab and it rocks hard. very similar to the quality of ACDC, especially when I jam the Les Paul! He also plays on a silver sparkle Ludwig Centennial, Giant Beats, a Big Ride, two massive 24" kickers with two DW 9000's. It's all American Maple so it sounds out with balls!

As for guitars we have two Gibson Les Pauls, a 94 Fender Strat Special Edition, Washburn RX10, and an Effector which is quite a nifty piece.. When it comes to basses we have a Fender Jazz, Fender P, Gibson, Ibanez and an electric/acoustic of some kind.

We should have more demos up by now but the recording unit we purchased for Christmas, for whatever reason, isn't compatible with our PC's hardware. Guess we'll have to wait till we can afford a mac.

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Originally Posted by Criminal Rock View Post
Oh C'mon, you can never be too old to rock a show unless you're in a band called Metallica.
BWAHAHAHAHA, too true.

It was in the latter years of high school i was introduced to music that was not played on the local radio nor on my mothers stereo, lol. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Yes, Tool and Rage Against the Machine. I can actually remember the exact moment, while listening to Basically (the bass solo between Behind the Wall of Sleep and N.I.B. on Black Sabbath's first album) when i said "i gotta learn how to do this, this shit is amazing!"

So luckily i had a friend who had a bass that he didn't play much anymore and was willing to lend me along with his little amp. I've taught myself how to play using Tabs and now have my own equipment for the past 10 years or so now. I pretty much just play for the fun of playing. Some songs can be quite a challenge and its gratifying to be able to play along. Never been or wanted to be in a band though i have played for fun with friends. Had this one who whenever he screwed up instead of stopping and picking up again he'd jsut play when he was but faster in an effort to catch up to me which would of course just through me right off, lol.

I have a Hamer Bass with Jazz pick ups (not sure of the model but it is almost 10 years old now) and atm i have a small Orange B52 'Orange Crush' bass amp. The only thing i don't like about the amp is that the patch cord and head phone jacks are made of plastic and not metal so they have broken over the years and i really need to take the amp in to get the patch cord jack fixed as it is getting quite crackily lately.
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I've got a Peavey Vypyr 15 Watt modelling amp. It's light-weight, but that's what I was looking for. (I live in a home with one person who works midnights and sleeps during the day and another who works first shift and is therefore sleeping all night, so I needed something that wouldn't blow the windows, but also wanted some variety.) I'm very pleased with it so far, although I'd really like to establish a small recording studio-esque room when I get a home of my own. Glad to see I'm not the only solo player on the Boards!
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Yeah it's always been my dream to have a home with some sort of sound proofed room so that i didn't have to worry about disturbing ppl. I've found that ppl are a little less tolerable of someone playing a bass loudly then a guitar since the bass reverberates a lot more.

heh, speaking of reverberation i recall that if i put my amp in the right spot and hit the A on the 5th fret in my dads garage it would make anything that was loose and metal rattle and shimmer, lol.
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