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Petty Romance

Country : Korea
Language : Korean with english subtitles
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Actors : Lee Sun-kyun , Choi Kang-hee
Runtime : 118min
Trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EhQmFT42U8

Plot : Jeong-bae is a talented comic book artist who has no clue how to write a good story. Da-rim is a sex columnist for a glossy mag who has no sexual experience and write about what she read in books and what her twin brother does with all the girls he brings home ( he's like a korean George Clooney). Upon learning of a contest for a new adult comic book contract worth 100,000 US$ , Jeong-bae needs to find someone to write a story for him. So he hires Da-rim who just lost her job to help him win the contest.

Review : I'm not a big fan of rom-com because usually they are predictable , corny and not really funny. Since i had time to go see only 1 movie at Fant-asia this year ( yay new job ) , i went on a blind pick. Well , lucky me , this isn't your usual romantic comedy. Althought it is predictable ( characters who aren't fond of each other at first eventually fall in love ) , it is also quite funny and i laughed on many occasions. The characters are quite loveable and they have real chemistry. The supporting cast is also interesting ... from the nerdy artist colleague who spies on them in the hope to catch them in the act to Da-rim's man-eating "best friend" .My biggest surprise was the fact that you do get to see the comic as it gets made and it is pretty violent ( loved the machine gun in the heel through the windshield thing ). Actually , there's a quite a bit of comic/real life integration but nothing to overshadow the actual relation between the two.

The thing i liked the most is that they took a worn-out formula and gave it an original and fresh angle. Probably gonna be an american remake with Jennifer Aniston coming soon.

Violence : animated comic
Sex : animated tit licking and fingering

Note : 8/10
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