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The Super

low budget throwback horror flick i've taken notice of and have some interest in... features Lynn Lowry among others, plot is as described - 'George Rossi, who immigrated to the US and served in the Vietnam war, is now a superintendent of a Queens' apartment building. He finds himself quickly slipping into a depraved world that is fueled by the tenants of the building.'

always on the lookout and hope to support solid low budget horror... looking to purchase this one soon, if i do, i'll throw the review and feedback up a.s.a.p, its getting plenty of solid reviews all over.

trailer is here... http://youtu.be/9-i_HxdcfaY
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Good luck with this one. That poster looks pretty (and I mean bare-bones) cheap. I think the student film I worked on with friends could have whipped something up more stylish than that! The redheaded girl in the trailer is cute, but aside from that it didn't do much to steer me away from my initial reaction. I look forward to your review, though!
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I thought this was gonna be about the Joe Pesci movie.
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haha, the cheesy poster i threw up is one of the earlier teaser type ones I believe, it isn't the one being used 'officially', still not sure how that'd hold up to you though.

if pesci and joe spinnell from maniac had a lovechild, this dude could be it?
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i ended up purchasing this at the last chiller movie convention i attended back in october (directly from one of the actresses in the movie, ruby larocca, and got the dvd signed).

can't say it delivered though. i'm not up for writing tons of thoughts and words on it, but it just didn't work for me - no matter what with low budget I can always admire the heart & dedication involved, and I do likewise think it was a good effort, but just failed. Had nothing to do with lack of budget or such either, just story, dialogue, everything. Would've loved to help hype this up and support it more, but don't feel justified in doing so. Pass on it.
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I wasn't feeling it myself with the trailer, but I think that it is an awesome story to hear about how you bought the film. Gotta love those conventions!
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