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Worst Cartoons from your childhood?

Which cartoons (or any tv series aimed to kids) your remember hating when you were a kid?
For me it was Dennis the Menace. I really, really fucking hated that cartoon. The worst part it usually found the way to air just before my favorite cartoons.
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RUGRATS, god I hated that stupid show.
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Ed...The Rugrats were my early childhood.

I'm going to have to go with Rocket Power. It was like an early introduction to skaterfag/surfer dude burn outs.
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Ahhh! Real Monsters...I didn't get it. It paled in comparison to the rest of SNICK.
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Rugrats and Ahh! Real Monsters were-no ARE the shit.

I can't really remember cartoons I disliked because, well, I didn't watch them. I do agree on Rocket Power.

Oh, and Disneys ass raping of Doug really pissed me off. And while this show came out as I was hitting puberty, I still think it counts. Invader Zim. Hate, hate, HATE that fucking show. The stupid Hot Topic/Scene/Indie/Goth/Hipster following it garnered made me hate it ever more. I should love it. It's dark, twisted and has random humor. But its just too random for its own good.

Oh, I hated Ed, Edd, and Eddy and Angry Beavers as well.
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I loved Rugrats and thought Aaaahhhh Real Monsters was alright.

I probably liked every cartoon until I was about 9 or 10 and discovered Catdog which I hated for some reason. Also agree with Rocket Power, Disney's Doug, and Ed, Edd, N Eddy. I guess I can add Pokemon. When I was in 5th grade, that shit was a craze and I watch the cartoons and thought "The hell is this shit?"
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Captain Planet
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ii can't belive you don't like Dennis the Menace it one of my all time favoites

Dennis the Menace

Super friends i didn't ike the narrtion
under dog i couldn'tgetinto under dog
speed racer
Rocky and bull winkler i rember not liking it itwasstupid
Fraggle Rock not Carton but mummpets my brother loved it i coulnd't get into it
ren and stempy to stupid and gross
the banna splits i couldnt geti into it
h andr puf n stuff i couldn't stand this show used to watch reurnin of this on tv land late weekends. i couldn't get into it it was just too silly and stupid
Mr rogers i couldn't stand him i used to watch it when i was little then i saw reuin i didn't like it
Barny i never watched as a kid i think i was teaager when it came out so i didn't like it
blue clues i rember watching when i was a teeangeger i rember think this is aweful show boy was it chessey

right now i can't stnad Spongebob i hate the voice of spong bob and the theme song

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i hate Tom and Jerry. my brother was addicted to it. but i wasn't he kept watching it over and over again.
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Denver the Last Dinosaur

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i liked Denver the Last Dinosaur i forgot what it was about i rember watching it on usa in the morings before iwent to shcool i also like ghost buster which ghost buster areyou talking about? one was the one with the ape i don't like it then they came out with the real ghost busters. i liked it.

any one liked these cartons?
super mario brother super show
swat kats
static shock
mummpet babies
bobbys world
teeange mutnat ninja turltes
johnny bravo
power puff grils
dextor labtory i used to love that and johny bravo
top cat
the jetsons
the flistones
the flistone kids
scooby doo were are you?
a pup named scooby doo
heath cliff
the surmfs
wait unitl your father gets home
duck tails
goof troop
he-man master of the unisver
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