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Hatchet III (2012)

Dark Sky Gives Hatchet 3 the Green Light
Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor March 21, 2011

Dark Sky Films dropped a little late-day news on us with the announcement of Hatchet 3, based on the success of Hatchet 2's VOD and DVD release.

At this time, cast and crew details (including director) are being worked out.

Hatchet creator Adam Green, however, reiterates: "We already had a possible storyline for Hatchet 3 worked out before we began shooting Hatchet 2, so my cast, crew and I are beyond excited to see that the story and legacy of Victor Crowley will indeed continue. For a little indie movie that I dreamt up when I was just eight years old, it has been absolutely surreal to watch it turn into a modern-day slasher franchise."

Hatchet 3 will continue the saga of Crowley, the "Bayou Butcher," who first made his gruesome mark in 2007's Hatchet.

Hatchet 3 will continue where the story left off in Hatchet 2, as a young woman sought revenge on the malevolent monster that killed her family while they were fishing in Louisiana swamp country.

The threequel is being produced by ArieScope's Cory Neal, producer of the previous two hits.

Hatchet 3 Has a Director, Green Speaks
Source: Bleeding Cool August 26, 2011

Adam Green (Hatchet, Hatchet 2) is currently in London for the annual FrightFest film festival and he spoke to Bleeding Cool about Hatchet 3. Shooting is expected to begin in February 2012 and apparently Green has found a director to take the helm.

Green says, "I hope everyone is excited because he was the right person for it. Itís not a name that everyoneís going to know, but when you hear who it is I think youíll understand why I made the choice I did. What I can say is that he was my first choice all along, even when it came time to do the second one, at a certain point they wanted to do the second one and they didnít want to wait for me, and this was the guy that I thought should do it. Heís been part of the Hatchet family the whole way, and I will tease just by saying that he was there for everything. Heís the type of guy, he works on a lot of big movies, and if heís wearing his Hatchet crew shirt, and if the guy on the crew for, like Transformers or whatever tries to talk shit, he physically beats the shit out of him. Iím going to be with him the whole way, Iím going to be by the camera the whole time, protecting him, helping him, and I hope itís the best Hatchet movie yet."

Who do you think will pull Victor Crowley's strings this time, folks?


Lovin' this series so far, so I'm happy to see it being made in to a trilogy.

Hopefully Danielle comes back!
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loved the first two and they were so much retro fun, so i'm all about this. just sucks this franchise didn't get a better opportunity in theaters to be a new slasher for this day and age. could've been such a bigger series if you ask me.

i'm pretty sure danielle is confirmed to be back.

hopefully they bring in a few random faces from the genre like they have been doing... seeing people like tom holland, r.a. mihailoff and even lloyd kaufman for cameos and such was fun stuff.
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It's too bad that Adam Green couldn't direct this, but at least it sounds that he's up close and personal behind the camera. Maybe he'll even get another cameo! I'm a huge fan of the original, and the sequel is fun times as well (not nearly as good as the first), so I'm looking forward to this a lot.
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I'll check it out. I don't feel that the Hatchet films have lived up to the hype exactly, but they have been pretty entertaining nonetheless. I don't think you can really go wrong with KANE running amok and hacking people up. Hopefully the passing of the torch doesn't turn into a disaster as I would really love to see this become a new school long running slasher franchise.
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teenkiller back at posting, i dig it!
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Originally Posted by XCoRyX View Post
teenkiller back at posting, i dig it!
"We're getting the band back together!"

Last edited by teenkiller; 08-30-2011 at 10:13 PM..
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