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Children And Mobiles Phones

A few days ago l was watching a current affair show and they were talking about children having full control of owning there own mobile

i think it is alright for a young child to have a mobile if it is a emercancy but to have them as a tool they can play with is wrong

Alot of young children will dowload things that cost alot of money and because they are young they dont know what they are doing
Where is the supervision of the parent in allowing all this

Some children have got there parents into debt not just a little bit but alot

I really think alot of parents need to look at what they are doing
Some phones are not even prepaid where you can limit money that a child can spend and like l said if the child is very young they should not have this type of thing

I just think that you should wait for the child to be a suitable age like around 15yrs old

Anyway l want to askt this qestion
Would you allow a child of yours to have a mobile

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My oldest (17) has had her phone for 2yrs now, but I will ask for it whenever I want and make her show me pics and texts to & from, just to watch her activity. She is allowed to take it to school, but if it's taken away, she loses it til the following Monday. My younger one (14) is given a pre-paid cell for when she is away from me and she shows no interest in a phone of her own. So I'm very glad I restricted them on their usage.
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Originally Posted by Bondgirl View Post
to have them as a tool they can play with is wrong

Alot of young children will dowload things that cost alot of money

Lets shove the mobile phones down their throats, choking them to death. Then feed the corpses to Great White Sharks.

Is that what you had in mind?
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given the fact that my oldest is 3, and would use her phone only to take a shabillion pictures, (like she does with mine) right now...no I wouldn't get her a phone.

however, if she were older..school age, going to sleepovers or regular outings? absolutely.
I think it's important that she has the tools to reach me, whether it's an emergency or not. (and vise versa)

there are many options for parents to limit controls on a child's phone. limited texts, data, search engines, etc.
plus the option of being able to track where the phone (and child) are at all times could come in handy in the event something unfortunate happens.

short answer: yes. with limitations.
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If you want to give the kid a high-end phone like iPhone, simply make it pre-paid. That solves all the problems. He can't spend more than 30 dollars a month on his phone, or whatever the limit you want to give him.

There are also cheap kiddie mobiles on the market. They are very simple in their functions, and a lot of parents only allow the phone to have several numbers in it - The kid can't call anyone else except for a few family members and friends, can't access internet, etc. These are usually given to pre-teen kids, who don't really need to call a lot of people.

I think it's actually good that there is a way for parents to reach their kids when needed, and vice versa.

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My child needs no telephone to reach me. They just call upon the wolf spirit to find me walking along side them.

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No kid under the age of 14 needs a phone. Who are you calling at that age? I didn't get a mobile until I was 17 and I didn't give a shit either way. But, if you decide to get your kid a phone you have to trust them entirely. I don't agree with checking your kids phone every week to see what their up to. You bought them the phone, don't ridiculous in telling them what to do with it. We all know what teenagers do with their phones, so decided beforehand if you trust them enough to ge them one.

I still don't get this smart phone stuff, I just cannot understand the appeal. Instead of buying a 500 iphone, just get a laptop and a cheap ass phone. More for your money.
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