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31 days of Halloween

Just curious if anyone on here does a 31 days of Halloween movie marathon. 31+ films in 31 days. Another site I frequent has a post like this and though it might be cool on here since you all seem to be more active!

My 1st film of the month to watch will be Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. A great start to the month! Think Ill go for 50 this month!

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It's hard to do for me with work, walking the dog, playing softball/hockey, watching football, plus getting some gaming in there, hanging with the girlfriend/friends, but I usually get around 15-20 for October. Also, I'll catch a lot of horror on AMC, TCM, or SYFY, maybe not watch it to completion but I'll definitely catch some. When I was still in high school and college I would definitely get over 50 every October. Ah, the glory days....

One thing I do though, is watch, and the only time I will watch through the year, the Evil Dead every Halloween night around 11:00 pm to close out the holiday. For me it is the magnum opus to usher in the last month of fall, and end the season off right. Plus it keeps the film fresh for me by only watching it once a year on a special occasion.

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I usaully try to end mine with Night of the Living Dead. Just hearing it makes if feel like Halloween. Thats probably why I watch it several times a year!
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i'm gonna try more then 31 films this year since i've got alot of blind buys in the horror genre
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I'm gonna try and watch as many horror movies as possible in the month of October but I doubt I'll be watching a movie per day.
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I'll be participating, but I'm gonna TRY and do a double feature everynight, and marathons on the weekend. My first movie on Saturday will be the viewing of my new Grindhouse Blu-ray, shown in all it's glory for the 1st time since 2007. Can't wait to share the month with everyone.
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Yup, I'm doing it for the first time. I'm also following Eric's rules on the podcast where I'll be watching movies I haven't seen before. Anything I'm re-watching will be something I haven't seen in a long time (trying to keep it 5+ years since last viewing).
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I may be participating, but I won't be devoted. October is gonna be a busy month for me! I'll probably toss in a few old Horror classics when I get the opportunity for tradition's sake, though. I expect some Evil Dead, Halloween, Phantasm, etc.
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I'm updating my progress if anyone cares on my MFC. Got 3 movies down so far.
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Here is what I got through last year. A busy end to the month stopped me from getting 31. In 2010 I did acomplish it though.

1. 2011 Zombie Diaries 2
2. 2004 Night Watch
3. 1931 Frankenstein
4. 1935 The Bride of Frankenstein
5. 1960 Brides of Dracula
6. 2010 Stake Land
7. 2002 28 Days Later
8. 1997 Event Horizon
9. 1981 An American Werewolf in London
10. 2010 Let Me In
11. 2006 Automaton Transfusion
12. 2007 Rec
13. 2006 Silent Hill
14. 1992 Candyman
15. 2005 The Exorcism of Emily Rose
16. 2009 Case 39
17. 2008 Bitten
18. 1999 Sleepy Hollow
19. 1995 Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh
20. 1954 Creature from the Black Lagoon
21. 1962 Tales of Terror
22. 1996 Scream
23. 1985 Silver Bullet
24. 1957 The Curse of Frankenstein
25. 2011 Scream 4
26. 1968 Night of the Living Dead
27. Freddy vs Jason
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One day late in posting these, but I started my marathon.

The Ninth Configuration

I donno why I thought this was horror. Not exactly. More like a drama with some elements of thriller. It's ok.


Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell

Just like Matango, atmospheric on the surface, and dare I say deep, underneath? What surprised me is just how true it is to the modern day. Japanese loved their social commentaries didn't they.

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Started yesterday and here is what I watched so far.

#1 Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Seems like every time I watch this I appreciate it more and more. This one actually has some pretty brutal deaths in it. Even though Michael Meyers isn't in this story I still found it to be pretty damn entertaining and engaging. Also I love the fucked up ending. 8/10

#2 Event Horizon

I've always loved this one, a bit of sci-fi horror mixed with religion, along with a great cast and some cool images. 9/10

#3 Return of the Living Dead

It's been years since I seen any of the "Return" movies, even so I loved it just as much as I remembered. Definitely gives off the 80s horror vibe which I dig a lot so I can't wait to see the other entries. Braaaaaains! 8/10

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1) Van Helsing
2) The Addams Family

not sure what I'll watch this evening...
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#2) Piranha (1978) (Oct 2)

"People eat fish, Grogan. Fish don't eat people."

The first of my Seafood Double Feature, I decided to go with the original Piranha because I had never seen it and I really enjoyed Alexandre Aja's remake.

So what we have here is a pretty standard Jaws ripoff (obviously), which would have been fine, however... a red herring near the beginning
(the little ghoulie looking thing in the military facility)
got my hopes up that this would be little closer to Dante's Gremlins, which only made the piranha attack sequences more disappointing.

Aside from that, this was one of the stronger Roger Corman produced films I've seen, but I think I'll stick with Humanoids from the Deep for my go-to sea creatures flick from Corman's library. This is one of the few examples where I feel the remake vastly improves upon the original.

And what the hell was up with the head camp counselor? Not only did he
interrupt the skinny dipping just as it was about to begin, but he lived too? I thought they were supposed to kill off the a-holes in these kinds of movies. There is no justice!

#3) Piranha DD (2012) (Oct 3)

"Welcome to rock bottom."

Part 2 of my Seafood Double Feature. Boy, you know you watched a stinker when the best footage is outtakes and bloopers during the end credits. I really enjoyed Aja's Piranha remake and I LOVE Feast, so adding those guys to the mix sounded like a perfect idea to me.

Sadly, the movie just didn't go as far as I had hoped it would. Piranha DD delivers on what it promises (piranha carnage and boobs) but it doesn't get nearly as over the top as it should and the piranha attack sequences just don't come close to living up to the previous movie. The plot also does nothing new, it's your usual lead character knows there's something in the water and greedy businessmen don't believe them. Considering how insane Feast 2 and 3 got, I really wanted them to do something other than yet another Jaws movie. The setup for the sequel (yeah, wishful thinking guys...) should have been the direction this one took.

There's still fun to be had though. All returning characters scenes are very fun and the stunt casting of Gary Busey and David Hasselhoff turns out surprisingly well. There's way more of the Hoff than I had expected and I really enjoyed his stuff. Danielle Panabaker also turns in a solid performance for such a low brow movie and I'll never complain about the presence of Katrina Bowden.
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Today marks day 3 and I'm four movies in. Will probably watch and review a movie from my Video Store tonight.
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Hellbound: Hellraiser II

I'll admit, the only Hellraiser I've seen is the first, so I thought this month I just go through all of them. Really enjoyed this one, I don't know why I never watched any of the sequels before. What a mythology, so creepy and surreal. Reeks of atmosphere, these films were definitely ballsy back in the day.

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Here is my list from yesterday

#4: American Werewolf in London

It's been years since I've seen this. I saw the Paris version plenty of times so I decided to go back to london, and I'm glad I did. The trasformation scene is just plain awesome and one of the best if not the best in any werewolf movie. Plus the ending while abrupt was pretty badass and different from most happy ending horror flicks. 8/10

#5: Chopping Mall

This movie was pure 80s awesome. A so bad it's awesome kind of movie. A mall uses a new hi-tech designed robots as security guards. The bots out of no where for no reason start killing everyone...Awesome 7/10

#5: Diary of the Dead

There were some good things about this movie, and some bad things. I've been avoiding watching this but I finally gave it a go. Nowhere near as fun as Land of the Dead but for the most part it was decent. 6/10
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#4: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

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#4) The Living Dead Girl (aka La morte vivante) (1982) (Oct 4)

"They should've known I'd always love you, even if you are different."

My only previous experience with director Jean Rollin was the abysmal Zombie Lake so I didn't know what to expect going into The Living Dead Girl. Luckily for me, the Living Dead Girl was much, much better.

While released in 1982, the Living Dead Girl still has that late 70s European films feel, similar to the low budget Italian zombie films of the time. It has that slow-burn, atmospheric pacing, intermittently spiced up with scenes of graphic violence that was common with those films.

Where it differs from those films though, is it's not your typical corpses rising from the grave film. It's more of a melodramatic tragedy (with heavy lesbian overtones) involving a re-animated woman and her bond with her childhood friend.

Overall, an enjoyable flick for those that don't mind the slow-burn feel. Once you get past the stupidity that a two-year old corpse hasn't decomposed at all and a few very poor gore effects at the start, that is.

Final Viewed List

#1) The Cabin in the Woods (2012) (Oct 1)
#2) Piranha (1978) (Oct 2)
#3) Piranha DD (2012) (Oct 3)
#4) The Living Dead Girl (aka La morte vivante) (1982) (Oct 4)
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