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Zombie Recommendations Please!

Every Halloween I try to watch as many Italian zombie films as I can. I love The Beyond, House by the Cemetery, Zombie, Burial Ground, and City of the Living Dead. Are there any other great Italian zombie films from the 70-80s? I'm going to watch Hell of the Living Dead and Zombie Holocaust soon. FYI I wasn't a fan of Let Sleeping Corpses Lie.
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.... nvm sry

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I personally recommend Bob the zombie. He is great at parties. He knows how to put on a show and chew the scenery. He's a lot of fun. Kids love will him. One zombie from the agency I have to warn you about Stew. His best days are behind him. He used to be the best. He was awesome. Now, he doesn't put in the effort anymore. He also drinks and has caused a stir once or twice. I feel bad for him. Anyway, if you call the agency, make sure to ask for Bob. And make sure you make the call two weeks before Halloween. He gets booked big time.

I can't think of any other particular zombie movies from the same time period. I will recommend one from recent years called "Flight of The Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane." You heard me. Zombies on a plane. It's fun. You might like it.
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Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, for sure.
Shockwaves isn't too bad, a slower pace.
Nightmare City

and don't forget the Blind Dead collection, some of foreign horrors most popular zombies!
Tombs of the Blind Dead
Return of the Evil Dead
The Ghost Galleon
Night of the Seagulls

BTW Hell of the Living Dead is so unwatchable!! It may be the worst Zombie movie ever made.
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I'm not really a HUGE fan of zombie movies but my favorite ones are Zombieland and The night of the living dead. I actually had a dream last night that the world was being taken over by zombies.. It was pretty apocalyptical..
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Have you ever tried Dario Argentio's take on Dawn of the Dead? I realise that it is not technically an "Italian" film, but it is the predecessor (sorta...long, convoluted story) to the Zombi series, which is popular.
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