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Rank the Saw Series

Like it or not, the Saw series was likely the most prolific horror franchise of the past decade. Beginning with the original in 2004 and leading up to the Final Chapter last year, each new October brought us a new entry in this hyper violent franchise. I never quite realized the attachment I had to it until I missed not having a new entry this year, even if I felt like the series wrapped up fairly well. What I liked best about this series was not the violence, however, but rather the evolving mysteries, particularly in the later films.

How would you all rank this series? I know it has both its fans and its haters. I personally would call myself a fan, and even though there are a few I don't think are particularly good I still like watching them.

1. Saw - A-
2. Saw 6 - B+
3. Saw 2 - B+
4. Saw 7 - B
5. Saw 3 - B-
6. Saw 4 - C
7. Saw 5 - C-
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1. Saw - 8.5/10
2. Saw II - 8/10
3. Saw III - 7.5/10
4. Saw VI - 7/10
5. Saw: The Final Chapter - 6/10
6. Saw IV - 6/10
7. Saw V - 5/10

I'm a huge fan of the series. Saying that I do hope they leave it alone now though..
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1. Saw (8/10)
2. Saw III (8/10)
3. Saw II (6/10)
4. Saw VI (6/10)
5. Saw IV (6/10)
6. Saw V (5/10)
7. Saw: The Final Chapter (4/10)

Overlong franchise - the excellent, nearly-better-than-the-first Saw III would've been the perfect ending - that limped to a truly awful final film with Saw 3D...ugh.
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I like this series a lot as well, one of my favorites. Kinda sad there's no new movie this year, but this series was a fun ride while it lasted. I rank them:

Saw II
Saw VI
Saw V
Saw IV
Saw VII/3D
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Personally I'm glad there's no more. It felt really played out by the fifth film and like the storyline was already grasping at straws to allow room for another instalment. None of the latter instalments were scary at all either. The series, overall, is mediocre - other than the first and third films IMO.
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I enjoy the series a lot for the most part but I felt it was in need of a break for a long time. I thought the seventh was okay and when watched together with the sixth makes for a good series finale, but I'm not opposed to an eighth movie happening in a couple of years from now.
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Out of ****

Saw II - ***
Saw - ***
Saw V - ** 1/2
Saw III - **
Saw VI - **
Saw IV - *
Saw 3D - Zero Stars

Even though Saw V was okay, this franchise really should have stopped at #3. Once John Kramer was killed there was simply no place to go.
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Even if you don't like 7 I think 4 and 5 are arguably so much worse. I never realized how much people hated the finale.
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Saw II
Saw VI
Saw IV
Saw V
Saw VII/3D

I really only thought the first and third were good.
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Originally Posted by SpikeDurden View Post
Even if you don't like 7 I think 4 and 5 are arguably so much worse. I never realized how much people hated the finale.
I gave Part IV one star because I thought the plotting was kind of clever by having it tied to part III the way it was. But it was still an awful movie that the made the unforgivable move of destroying Donnie Walhberg's character.

Part 5 was okay to me. It had calmed down in some of the camera moves that often felt nauseating and the movie didn't feel as mean spirited and ugly as the others. It wasn't great by any means, but it was okay.

I have nothing nice to say about Saw 3D The Final Chapter. It was about as unwatchable as movies get. I don't give out many zero stars but this movie honestly earns it.
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I'll never understand SAW 7's hate. I thought it was a PERFECT ending to a brilliant Horror series.

Having said that, here's how I'd rank 'em:

-Saw 3
-Saw 7
-Saw 6
-Saw 2
-Saw 5
-Saw 4

One of my favourite series' ever, and I DO look forward to a possible Part 8, so long as it's a completely fresh take/story. Continuing on with the same characters, etc. just wouldn't make sense to me, after the Final Chapter.
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This series and Eli Roth's Hostel films led to birth of the "torture porn" genre in horror. While the original Saw, suffers from some very amatuerish acting, it's still of the most original, unsettling, and dare I even say "intellingent" horror films of the last ten years. As for the sequels, can't say I'm the biggest fan. Same recycled storylines and over-the-top blood and gore, the writers really seem to be stretching this already very thin idea as far as it can go. After Saw 3, you could tell that studio greed took over, which explains why a new movie was churned out every Halloween for the last several years. They should have stop this series after the third one; especially considering Jigsaw dies at the end of the movie.
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1. Saw VI 10/10 (this is actually my favorite movie of all time)
2. Saw IV 10/10 (I can barely decide whether I like 4 or 6 better)
3. Saw II 9/10
4. Saw 9/10
5. Saw III 9/10
6. Saw V 8/10
7. Saw: The Final Chapter 6/10

Well. Obviously it's my favorite movie series of all time. Some things about the last installment disappointed me, though.
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Finally got around to watching Saw VI and VII. I had tried to watch the whole series previously, but got bored after Saw V.

I thought VI was an improvement on VI and V, but VII was completely unnecessary, but it was nice to see Cary Elwes back, even though his acting has gotten no better.

They should seriously have stopped at Saw III.
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I can't hate on a horror series for going on too long because I'm a huge Nightmare and Friday fan. But I stopped caring about Saw after 3. I honestly don't remember the third at all to tell you the truth. I re-watched the first 2 after not having seen them in a long while and I forgot how good they were. The first one in particular is still one hell of a good horror movie. I remember being blown away in the theater when it first came out. The second one almost matched it in the intensity department.

One of these days I'll probably catch up with the whole series, but it's not high on my list.
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I think it'd be worth it to catch up on the series. 4 and 5 are alright-ish while 6 is surprisingly very good. IMO it's almost as good as the first two. 7 is a letdown after 6 but I find it's made somewhat better when watched together with 6. Together the two movies make for a good enough series finale.
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1 & 2 are the only "good" of the series.
The worst: III and specially IV. Unpopular opinion: Saw V is the less bad. The simple cat-and-mouse game and classical traps (pendulum, inclosing walls) was better than the progressively boring and annoying moral disquisitions and multitude character narrative of the others, although the somewhat ¿parodic? tone of VI & VII was more watchable than III & IV.
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1: A
2: B+
3: B
4: B
5: B
6: B
7: B
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