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The name of the film comes from when Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) finds out his odds of survival are 50/50 after finding out he has spinal cancer. The film was written by Will Reiser, who was actually diagnosed with spinal cancer in real life, which is what undoubtedly helped it feel so genuine. The focus of the film is to show how cancer can affect more than just the person with it but also the people around them. It does that surprisingly well.

Read my full review:

Let me know what your take is.
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Wow. Finally caught this last night after renting it at Red Box. Favorite movie of 2011 so far, great script, great performances. It made me laugh, but more importantly it even made me cry...and even more important I think it made me fall in love with Anna Kedrick.

Everyone must see this film.
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I really love this film. It is definitely one of 2011's best. Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives another great performance, complimenting an already-amazing script. The connection he has with the other actors in the film is great, especially the relationship between him and his mother. I recommended this to everybody I knew after watching it.


PS: The only reason it did not get a full 4/4 is that some of the humour seemed too typical "Seth Rogen" movie for my tastes.
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Had the pleasure of catching this one in theatres and absolutely loved it. Picked it up yesterday and it did nothing but improve on second viewing. I remain convinced that JGL is the most promising and talented young actor working today. I also appreciated Rogen's performance, although at this point I think its clear that dudes personality just works wonders in his favor. While his schtick does wane on me occasionally, I am a fan and here he genuinely seems like the kind of cat you could smoke with and just laugh hysterically, along with being someone you could turn to in rougher times. Really just an all around super solid flick that I am sure I will revisit many more times. 9/10

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I went to watch 50/50 with cynicism and came out with tears. 50/50 wasn't at all what i thought! Even Seth Rogen was tolerable...
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