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I Hate Len Wiseman! (small rant)

Short rant here. And most probably old news as well. But I really hate Len Wiseman. He gets to pork his fork in this all of the time. See below pic for further details

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Image didn't show.
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Originally Posted by MisoGenie View Post
Image didn't show.
Apologies, brother.

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Yeah, it sucks that he poached her from the more talented Michael Sheen after he had an 8 year relationship with Beckinsale (plus Wiseman had a marriage of his own).
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A person's love life is their own business so I couldn't care less about him "stealing" Beckinsale away from Sheen. Besides, it didn't happen like that, at least that is what Beckinsale says. Do you think Sheen would continue to do work with Wiseman in the Underworld movies if that is what had happened?

All I care about is the movies that a filmmaker makes and thus far, between the Underworld movies and Live Free or Die Hard, Len Wiseman is cool with me!
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No..no. NO!

Len Wiseman SUX! Why does he suck? Because (as stated in my opening post). He gets to pork Katy when ever he wants to.
Get some pork on your fork, Lenny. Asshole. Share the wealth already. This topic is about Katy being hot property.

Get it now?
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