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Screen Gems has released the official synopsis for the next installment of the video game based movie franchise Resident Evil. The fifth movie will be 3D and was originally called Resident Evil: Retribution 3D. If you didn't know it was the next version and fifth in the line of movies, they've tweaked the title to help set you straight. The new title is Re5ident Evil: Retribution in state-of-the art 3D.

The official synopsis tells us what Alice will be up to this go around:
The Umbrella Corporation's deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race's last and only hope, ALICE (Milla Jovovich), awakens in the heart of Umbrella's most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex. Without a safe haven, Alice continues to hunt those responsible for the outbreak; a chase that takes her from Tokyo to New York, Washington, D.C. and Moscow, culminating in a mind-blowing revelation that will force her to rethink everything that she once thought to be true. Aided by newfound allies and familiar friends, Alice must fight to survive long enough to escape a hostile world on the brink of oblivion. The countdown has begun.
Yes, you read that right: Re5ident Evil: Retribution. Get it?! Screen Gems has confirmed that this is the title and not a typo, but that either title spelling (Re5ident or Resident) is correct.

The film opens September 14, 2012

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The Cast and their characters

Milla Jovovich ... Alice
Michelle Rodriguez ... Rain Ocampo
Kevin Durand ... Barry Burton
Ali Larter ... Claire Redfield (attached)
Sienna Guillory ... Jill Valentine
Meagan Good ... Melissa Jones-Lewis
Oded Fehr ... Carlos Oliveira
Johann Urb ... Leon S. Kennedy
Bingbing Li ... Ada Wong
Shawn Roberts ... Albert Wesker
Boris Kodjoe ... Luther West
Mason Cook ... Billy Addison*
Colin Salmon ... One
Ofilio Portillo ... Tony (uncredited)

* Could he be related to Matthew from the first movie?
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interesting fact about the film...

(1) Milla Jovovich tweeted that Paul had a big surprise about the origin of her character Alice Abernathy*. Fans say that she might be one of Ozwell Spencer's "Wesker Children" .
*The last name for Alice was never fully announced.

(2) El Gigante from 'Resident Evil 4(vG)' confirmed for 'Retribution'

(3) Colin Salmon as James "One" Shade

(4)In a recent interview, Paul Anderson revealed that the Las Plagas will be in the parasite form in the films. He even went into further detail talking about a scene replicated from Resident Evil 5; the survivors are in a car chase driving a Rolls Royce rather than a Hummer from the game while Plaga infected individuals armed with machine guns on motorcycles are chasing them.

more to come...

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First Look: Kevin Durand As Barry Burton!

Thanks to the always reliable Resident Evil Xtreme English Facebook page we have two new pictures from the Resident Evil: Retribution Set, featuring Johann Urb as Leon S. Kennedy, Boris Kodjoe as Luther West and our first look at Kevin Durand as Barry Burton.

I dont think Barry is gonna make it out of this movie ALIVE..
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first look: Alice and Ada

The lean, mean tweeting machine known as Milla Jovovich has tweeted a video from the “Resident Evil: Retribution” set featuring your first look at Jovovich’s Alice and Bingbing Li’s Ada Wong in full costume. I don’t know if Jovovich is just that tall or Li is just that short. Either way, it’s interesting that they’re keeping Wong’s cocktail dress costume. I mean, what’s she doing running around in a cocktail dress in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse? Just sayin’. (You can get a better look at Jovovich’s new costume here.)

It’s a very short clip, but you get the idea.

Part five in the franchise fines Alice fighting alongside a resistance movement in her continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation and the undead hounds that have taken over the planet. Besides Jovovich and director Paul W.S. Anderson, also back are Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr, Michelle Rodriguez, Shawn Roberts, and Boris Kodjoe. They are joined by noob zombie fighters Bingbing Li and Johann Urb as Leon S. Kennedy.
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There's just something that keeps me coming back to this franchise. Maybe it's the action, maybe it's the zombies or maybe it's just Milla. And even though i'm sure they could've made these films much more true to the games, I just take these for what they are and have fun with them.
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A couple months ago, Milla Jovovich (who plays 'Alice' in the hit film franchise Resident Evil) tweeted that a teaser trailer for the fifth installment of the series, Retribution, was being shot and was aimed at a Christmas release. Well, December went and no sign of the trailer. But now, Jovovich has tweeted that she spoke with director Paul W.S. Anderson, who said that the first trailer for the film (recently retitled Re5ident Evil: Retribution) is now slated to be released next week on January 18th, and will be attached to Underworld :Awakening in 3D two days later (both films are Screen Gems/Sony Pictures productions, so this shouldn't come as a surprise).
So I jst asked paul and he said 4 SURE the teaser 4 "RE:Retribution" is coming out on the 18th of jan! I'm sure it will b online. Then on the 20th it comes out in 3D in front of the new "underworld" movie! So there you go folks n now I'm over and out, going on vacation with my family 4 a week! Tweet u later! Xo m
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How is Michelle Rodriguez in this??
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Originally Posted by MovieBuff07 View Post
How is Michelle Rodriguez in this??
Rain will return in Resident Evil: Retribution, along with One in a flashback sequence.

* image taken from http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?s...9241046&type=3
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Originally Posted by MovieBuff07 View Post
How is Michelle Rodriguez in this??
You could ask the same about Oded Fehr's character.
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Resident Evil Retribution Trailer Delayed until JAN 19th

Originally Posted by Ruly2 View Post
Re5ident Evil: Retribution trailer is now slated to be released next week on January 18th
I’ve been goofing off all day waiting for the Resident Evil: Retribution trailer Milla Jovovich promised us would be released today. Good thing I checked her Twitter feed because it has been delayed until tomorrow the 19th. Now I can get back to important things like looking at porn and playing video games.
Here is her tweet:
“Gotta get back 2 work! So now OFFICIALLY paul got an email saying the RE:RETRIBUTION teaser will b out -and I quote- “tomorrow thurs. the 19th at 1pm EST/10am PST. US is launching w Yahoo Movies n int’l markets r each securing a local launch site (whatever that means! Lol!) the trailer will launch on the official movie site http://www.residentevil-movie.com as well”. But i actually jst checked that site n the “retribution” site isnt up yet which is weird. Im contacting sony today n will keep u posted as soon as i hear back from them. So there u go! A bit confusing for me a well as for u all… Don’t worry, I’ll get to the bottom of this, Mai tai in hand (woot woot!).” Xo m

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the trailer premiered on attack of the show (G4 network) tonight. It looked decent. Sony shoved in ur face marketing of their products in the first 30 seconds wasn't.:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXBU5YhAGjg ( warning bootleg is pretty grainy)
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'Retribution' Title art

Originally Posted by Jmontilla2786 View Post
the trailer premiered on attack of the show (G4 network) tonight. It looked decent. Sony shoved in ur face marketing of their products in the first 30 seconds wasn't.:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXBU5YhAGjg ( warning bootleg is pretty grainy)
Here is the official art for 'Retribution'

I have a 3D program. So when I get home ill make the 3D trailer using the new trailer had ill get off of youtube.

Im at work and I just saw the trailer. I thought: Man. That Licker chaseing the car was HUGE.

I'll have to watch the trailer FRAME-BY-FRAME when I get home. To see if I can see "El Gigante" and/ or Barry Burton.

(Update 2)

I made a 3D s-b-s version of the new 'RE:R' trailer that was leaked via G4 last night. I made a 3D SBS image from the trailer as well. for thoese that dont have a 3D tv. I also made an ANAGLYPH(Red and Green or BLUE) image from that same trailer.

"This is my World"- Alice

(update 3)

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Just watched the trailer... Looks ok. I've seen all the other movies, and it's kind of it's own thing now. Only slightly related to the games in names of characters and the fact there's zombies.

Anyway, I'll probably see this one since I've seen all the others. I've enjoyed them all except part 3. That one was a pile of fucking shit. The others were just mindless popcorn fun really. Hopefully this one will be as entertaining as the last one was.
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Uk Trailer info

I found the official Uk trailer info for 'Retribution' :

type: FilmTrailer
trailer classification date:01/12/2012
Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation Ltd.
running time: 1m 8s
trailer classification:12A

no cuts were made to the trailer for it to recieve the rating of "12A"
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Geez that's a pretty short trailer. Hopefully we get some good footage at least.
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*possible*trailer info...

Originally Posted by ScaryFreak1827 View Post
Geez that's a pretty short trailer. Hopefully we get some good footage at least.
I found this on IMDB FORUM..

Imdb user "lukepowers_16" wrote this:
@granny_maniac just tweeted me where he came across more information about the RE5 teaser from a different website. It's interesting to note that two seperate websites have given out the same descriptions of the RE5 teaser and this enhances the possibility that these descriptions are accurate. @granny_maniac translated it for me because the posts were written in Russian. Here are some info about the teaser:

1. The song 'Baba O'riley' by The Who (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2KRpRMSu4g) was used as the primary song.

2. The opening was like a mobile phone commerical.

3. It featured shots of people holding their phones in different countries and each one of them revealed their names. They also said something about 'world peace'. Soon after, a shot of Earth appeared and the planet itself eventually turned into black.

4. Alice appeared and she was standing on a roof. She then gave out a speech. After the speech, a series of footage was shown in rapid speed. The footage contained lots of action and it was so fast that the guy (the one that watched the teaser) could only remember seeing a girl wearing a red dress and she was holding an oriental weapon. Also, the guy recognised Michelle Rogriguez in a brief scene. The guy described the teaser as 'EPIC!'......Guys, remember not to have your hopes up because the trailer descriptions may be FALSE!

(OT Update)

It seems that Sony WILL NOT be releaseing 'Retribution' in thetres with the "5" in title. The "5" will most likely be included as part of the DVD/Bluray/3D title. The source for this is http://movies.ign.com/articles/121/1216176p1.html. There was an update to that page. There is a paragraph that is "Crossed out".
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Please let this be the final Resident Evil movie! End this series already!
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The last 2 were just horrible, wretched, pieces of fluff. I only watched them because they were free and i had literally watched everything else on TV at the time. As a fan of the game series this shit should have been rebooted, maybe picked up with the RE4 story line and just forgotten the load that Milla doesn't have sense to leave behind.
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"RE:E" After Credit scene rumor

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new banner found on facebook

I found this banner on Facebook. I've never seen this one before...

BTW 3 days left until 'Retribution' arives at Comic-Con.

source: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reside...58970384137439
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Comic-Con poster for 'Retribution'

Here is the official poster for Resident Evil: Retribution at premeiered at Comic-Con this past week.

There are now people in the forum boards that believe that Resident Evil: 2,3 & 4 never happened. Here is what 'Tagning' said on IMBD forum for RE:R :
So RE: 4, 3 and 2 never happend? It was just the Umberella implanting all these scenarios in Alice's head in order to perfect the virus?
From the same forum, user 'deawesk' had this to say:
Yes, those films happened. In the new trailer, and in the 5th film, is Alice has been captured by Umbrella and is in a massive uber facility where Umbrella has made replicas of major cities from around the world: New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Raccoon, etc. They've stocked these fake cities with clones; clones of Alice, clones of Rain, clones of Carlos, etc. So that stuff at the beginning with Alice and Carlos and the little girl? Those are clones, living in a fake Raccoon city, inside an Umbrella facility. Eventually the real Alice gets loose inside the facility and has to bust her way out.

I think that 'deawesk' forgot to put the word "not" in the begining of the sentince. idk.

I do agree that there are events that Resident Evil fan have witness that I believe are not real and that RE# 2,3 & 4 never happen. Tyrant, Carlos,K-mart and maybe even NEMESIS were just part of her Programing.. kinda like VR simulation crossed between going into a coma..

Clue: "Alice in Wasteland"

One more thing.. I think that there is a REAL ALICE and she is behind everything that is going on. Wouldn't it be something if Alice [Abernathy] was infact the leader(or owner)of Umbrella? We have already seen in the 2nd trailer the Good/Bad Rain, Good/Bad Carlos and Good/bad James "One" Shade. So, Why cant there be a "Good" and a "Bad" Alice?
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Name:	Resident_Evil_Retribution_Comic_Con_Poster.jpg
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