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Reports are saying Whitney Houston Died Today

Just read this over on TMZ... no real details... no news on CNN or anything... will post more once I read about it.

48 years old... chances are a drug overdose, given her past


I'm searching the internet... nothing on CNN or ENtertainment Weekly... actually, when i look at EW.com, there is a story about Houston being approached to be a new judge on X Factor. But as you can read on the TMZ link, it was a rep for Houston told the AP. I'm sure in the coming hours (or minutes) more details will emerge

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Confirmed: http://news.yahoo.com/whitney-housto...005927033.html
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Yup... it is all confirmed.

Pretty insane... I will say I was never a huge fan of hers, I had no problem with her music, it just wasn't my taste (Although, I Will Always Love You isn't a bad song).

But given her history, and the fact that her death is so young, I would be VERY surprised to hear that cocaine didn't play some sort of factor in her death.
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Cocaine is a helluva drug
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On a more serious note though. I was more shocked to learn she was only 48. She looked like she was kicking on 65 the last couple of times I saw pics of her. Bobby Brown should be held accountable.
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Very sad news. Such a great voice. She will be missed
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Most news sites appear to be posting the original AP story. Sad news, if true, but I'm waiting to see another source before saying it's 100% true. (Didn't something similar happen a few years ago -- a famous celeb was reported to have died over the weekend but the truth that they were still alive wasn't known until Monday?)
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