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Comic Book Men

Anyone else catch this? Other than the bearded guy being kind of a douche, it had its moments. That bit where they called up Robert Bruce was hilarious. Seriously, a folded Australian DOTD poster? Hahahaha.

It'll definitely wear thin pretty quickly, but I'll probably tune in for the next few weeks and see where it goes.

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Im a die hard Tell Em Steve Dave Podcast fan... one of only 2 podcasts I never miss (the other being Doug Loves Movies).

I am actually getting ready to watch the premiere in a few minutes when it re-airs at 2am. Looking forward to it.

Just a shame that Q isnt a part of the show, but he isnt a member of the comic book store. I haven't been able to see his Prank show yet, hopefully when it hits DVD.

The bearded dude is Brian Johnson, or "Steve Dave" from the earlier Askewniverse movies. He is super hilarious on the podcasts (as is everyone).

Cant wait to see the first episode.. especially seeing Walt, Walt is the shit!
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Watched the first episode and LOVED IT!

It is pretty near to watching a live action Tell Em Steve Dave podcast.

Brian Johnson (The bearded dude), I guess if you don't know the relationship between these guys, he may come off as a douche, but that is the way my friends and I are as well. We make fun of each other, because we are close friends and it is funny. That is all that is, that relationship with Ming and Brian.

I wonder if Kevin Smith will be in on the recording every week (And what is that recording, is that a podcast recording, or just a forum for them to sit around and talk within the episode?)

It is funny as hell, having always heard about just how fucking cheap Walt is, but to see it in action.. holy shit!! Is that cheapness or is that a quality business mind! It's insane to watch how just $10 - $15 difference changes a sale!

I look forward to next weeks show (And of course the next Tell Em Steve Dave podcast where they discuss the show). I really hope the numbers are there for this show and it sticks around.

(One thing I don't get, and only a Tell Em Steve Dave fan can clear up for me: I didn't know Ming actually worked at the store, I thought he was just the IT guy for Kevin Smith, creating the websites and all of that... I wonder if I was just mixed up, or if they made him an employee of the show simply for the sake of it?!)
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I'd love to watch the show, but I can't stand Walt's laugh...it is soooo fucking annoying!! It's the only reason why I don't listen to the Tell em Steve Dave podcast.
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Just finished episode 2. This is really fun, I do however think without Kevin Smith it wouldn't be as exciting. It's still quite interesting seeing these dudes negotiate prices for comic books and rarities as well as busting on Ming, but what makes it is their 'round table' discussions in between.
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The bearded prick is the only low spot on the show. Otherwise the 1st episode was thoroughly entertaining. I'm gonna check out the second episode tonight I think.
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Good news, season 2 is likely. I'm sure we're also gonna get a much longer second season this time around. I think they were testing the waters.

Here's a post from Bryan the beard guy on the show.

by eugenetesd (Thu Mar 29 2012 14:33:22)

Right now I know as much as anyone else. Less actually, as someone pointed me to today's article about AMC saying CBM exceeded expectations. Kevin spoke to someone at AMC last week and while positive & excited about the show's performance, they hadn't made a decision one way or the other in regard to a 2nd season...or at least didn't tell him.
Everything I've heard leads me to believe a 2nd season is likely, but I've yet to hear anything which would have me betting the farm. I promise if I'm told season two is a lock, I'll be on this board celebrating more fun to come with the faithful & shoving it in the face of all the a-hole naysayers.
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I loved the show... which was a given considering Tell 'Em Steve Dave is one of my top 2 favorite Podcasts (Along with Doug Loves Movies) and the show is just a live action version of that!

Can't wait to own Season 1 on DVD/ Blu Ray and for Season 2!
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hell's yeah! http://collider.com/comic-book-men-t...4/#more-165144
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Ya.. i'm stoked as well.. not only for a second season but for a sweet 16 episode season!

If you listen to Tell Em Steve Dave the Podcast, you know that Brian Johnson went away to rehab for an addiction to pain pills, but I think he is back now and I wonder when production will begin on Season 2.

Can't wait
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That's great! Very fun show.
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OMG what a fucking funny episode. I was laughing all the way through. Really love this show. I would have loved for them to keep the 40 minutes, but the new sliced time isn't too bad. Dyanamic, energetic, snappy and works well.
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I enjoyed last nights show as well... Not the obnoxious crumb crunching fucking rug rats, but everything else was entertaining. Good show indeed!
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I saw a couple TV spots for this I really wanna give it a try
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Originally Posted by jaw2929 View Post
I enjoyed last nights show as well... Not the obnoxious crumb crunching fucking rug rats, but everything else was entertaining. Good show indeed!
I thought that bit was funny, reminded me of being a kid - plus the entire situation and how they dealt with it, was pretty hilarious.
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Haha, a nice appearance from a certain someone. Man I want this series to never end. So fun.
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lmao http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNxyhELGw6k
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