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Metallica's "Beyond Magnetic"

Anyone else have/downloaded this album that came out I think last month or the month before?

It's only got 4 cut tracks from the "Death Magnetic" sessions. I like the first 3 songs, but the 4th one Rebel of Babylon could be better. It just kinda seems to go on and on.... Sorta all over the place. Also the song Hell and Back is quite repetitive as well, but still enjoyable.

Anyway, pretty cool little collection of songs though. I think Hate Train is probably my favourite of the four, followed by Just a Bullet Away. Anyone else like this album?

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Ya, I bought the physical album last month. I like it. Hell & Back I like a lot, but I am not a fan of the chorus for that song (Where the title of the song is said). It goes from this really bad ass guitar riff, into this buh... buh... buh... buh thing when he says "Take me to hell and back"

I like Hate Train, my favorite cut from the cd.

But even though I am a music listener (as opposed to a lyrics listener)... these lyrics i will admit are not very good!

All in all though, Metallica is my favorite band and any original material (That they do WITHOUT Lou Reed) is bound to be in my cd player for a good few weeks/ months after I make the purchase!
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Right on boss, that's cool then. Yes, their outing with Lou Reed was a fucking waste of everyone's time - a joke really.

And yeah, I much prefer Metallica's music over their lyrics (for the most part).
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"Hate Train" and "Rebel of Babylon" should have been on Death Magnetic. It's funny, though. They obviously released these tracks to save face after Lulu. The next record better rip.
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i also pick up the album-my fav. song is just a bullet away
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