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Strange Coincidences With Actors Names

I thought of this the other day when I was watching the 2003 film, Basic. John Travolta's name in this film is Tom Hardy. And we all know who he is.

What are some other examples like this please?

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In Red Corner, Richard Gere's character is named Jack Moore, the same name as my step-dad and brother. This means nothing to you, but is amusing to me.

In You, Me and Dupree, Matt Dillon's character is named Carl Peterson, the same name as the Chiefs' former shitty General Manager.

In Knight and Day and Green Zone, which both came out the same summer, Tom Cruise and Matt Damon's characters in each movie is named Roy Miller.
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Cary Grant's real name is Archibald Leach and in "A Fish Called Wanda" John Cleese's character...Archie Leach.

Well...it's kinda like what we're talking about...sorta...
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Actor and writer Albert Brooks' real name is Albert Einstein.
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Okay. I've got one. It's not a great example of this, but it's similar. And it's VERY silly.

Al Capone. His nickname was 'Scarface'.
Al Pacino. He played the fictional character 'Scarface'

Their first two names are the same. And when you combine their last two names you get ... ... ...

Al Capacino which equals AL Cappuccino

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Actors David Keith and Keith David are both prolific character actors who have been in the business since roughly the same time. David Keith started in 1978, and Keith David in 1979. And the closest connection they have besides their name, occupation, and similar work ethic is that David Keith starred in Behind Enemy Lines and Keith David was in the sequel, Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia.

Seriously, somebody put them in a god damn movie together. It's their destiny.
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