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Movie Gifs Thread

Movie Gifs Thread

I present to you a showcase for my movie gifs that I have made over the last few years. Much like ElderPredator's celebrity gif topic that he made a few years back in the celebrity forum. I realize that we also have a random picture thread, but this is a bit different. I will also showcase avatars that I have made. Plus, current projects. Lastly, I will take any requests in here, accept ideas, and also comments, and/or feedback.

I humbly ask that the mods don't close this topic, and I will update it regularly with new material. All of my gifs are best viewed in Mozilla FireFox. And, no. I am not trying to plug my site. Infact, it's been offline for 3 weeks now. But that doesn't stop me from sharing my hobby, as others have done, with you all. All animations will be displayed as text links only or within spoiler tags, so as not to bog down anyone's net speed. Please feel free to use any of my gifs. But host them yourself, or they will not work on my site anymore.

Animations will be posted in no specific order or preference. Below are a few regular gifs to get started with...


Aeon Flux



3 Stooges



Bad Teacher

Batman Begins




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Very cool boss, well done!

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Haha. Thanks, dude. I also make girly gifs as well. Below are 2 test animations for the Somavision cgi girl.


Test 1

Test 2


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The girl ones are hypnotising.
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I agree with Viking. Titty shaking hypnosis!

GoW, I'm debating on whether I wanna ask ya about possibly making me a GIF avatar at some point in time. I'm just trying to decide exactly WHAT I would want it to be. I'll keep thinking it over, as you seem to enjoy putting things together for other Schmoes and you're quite good at it.
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Yeah, those plastic boobies are hypnotic, guyz. Any type gif you want, Jaw. I see you change your avatar alot.
Remember, gifs can also be used on your MFC profile etc. So, the sky is the limit. More regular gifs below...


127 Hours


Diehard 4


Fantastic 4

Fast & Furious


Johnny English


Indiana 4


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A few BIGGISH gifs...

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I think it's time for some Scrat gifs... I love Scrat.
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Don't quit on us now, GoW.

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Ok, Red. Well, it's been quite sometime since I even made a gif. But I just saw this from Fun Size and I had to capture the idiocy...

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