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Help and Recommendations From Gamer Scmoes

Hey friends.

I'm not a gamer, in any of the serious senses of that word. I've played videogames my whole life, but my knowledge and breadth of what I play is fairly limited. I'm competent at Call of Duty/Halo and the like, but don't love them. I like Madden, yes. I'm a basketball player and fan at heart, and I've worn grooves into NBA 2k12.

I was blessed to be given a 360. I play 2k12 and not much else. So my question, therefore, to all you gamer types...is game recommendations. I like the sports ones but there are inherent limits to them.

My taste: I loved Thief: The Dark Project on the PC. I liked that it was stealthy but didn't demand only stealth, and I liked the atmosphere and time period. I don't think I'd get into Mass Effect or Heavy Rain based on my limited (and perhaps inaccurate) impression that it's a lot of watching cutscenes and making choices around that less than playing. I certainly couldn't get into something like World of Warcraft but I'm not totally against RPG elements. I want something immersive, but my job is very demanding and I can't commit to something that requires 2 hour sessions every time. Flexibility is good.

My desires: cool atmosphere and sense of scope (any era or genre), exciting to play but not action-heavy to the point of dullnes like COD, or just anything you love and want to share. It doesn't have to be new or old, popular or unpopular (I'm more than okay with something older and cheaper that's worthwhile). Just share what you love and why. I'd love any help. I walk into Gamestop and get so overwhelmed.

And I realize all of this screams that I don't know what I'm talking about. That's why I'm asking you cool cats! Thanks.
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What about a sandbox game? Sandbox games include GTA, Saints Row, Prototype, Infamous, etc. These usually aren't too cut-scene heavy, and offer a wide variety of game-play, and are incredibly immersive. I highly recommend Saints Row the Second, or Saints Row the Third (I haven't played number one).

I haven't played Thief, but it sounds to me like it's similar to Assassin's Creed. Look into that series, i think you'd dig it.
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I second smok3h's recommendation. Games like Red Dead Redemption, GTAIV, Saint's Row the Third and Assassin's Creed II are perfect for dropping in, playing a bit, and then doing something else to come back to it later.
For an RPG in the same vein, I highly recommend Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I just picked it up this past week, and you very much can just do a couple of short quests and then go do something else. It's also got the most fun combat I've ever seen in an RPG.
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My vote goes to Skyrim. I am hooked. Picked it up when it went on sale for $39/free shipping. Huge environment, so many story lines and you don't have to spend hours on it. Sometimes I play for 15 mins and just save when I hit a safe spot. Come back the next day, maybe play for an hour, then 30 mins the next day. I will admit I did spend like 6 hours on Sunday playing but that isn't the norm.

One thing I like, that I never did like about WoW is that you can go from Warrior to Rogue to Wizard very easily depending on how you want to play. Some days I like to bash and hack shit and some days I like to sneak around and take out the hardest bosses with my bow/arrow and never get touched during the encounter.

I have it on 360 but I think most seem to say get it on PC, if that is a choice for you I mean. I have a pc easily capable of playing it but I like the 42" screen hooked to my 360 better than my 20" monitor.
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Heavy Rain isn't a sandbox game, but it's atmosphere-heavy and a very compelling experience. I would suggest it to any new gamer because it's so unorthodox and shows what games are capable of. It may not seem like your cup of tea but I'd still suggest trying it out.

The Yakuza series is also great, even though it can be a little over the top and overwhelming action-wise. It has a little bit of everything in it.
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If you liked the Halo games and want another FPS...

... maybe Crysis (on Xbox Live for download) and Crysis 2 (now $29.99 or less at most retailers)? The Crysis games, like the original Halo, have quite wide and open battlefields in where you can approach and attack enemies in a number of ways. You can proceed with stealth or go into hot areas guns blazing. You can maneuver across the terrain in a number of vehicles or go in by foot. And the graphics and environment are quite lush and beautiful. It's very much a pick up and play type of game. Only negative is that the storyline bridging Crysis 1 and 2 is a bit messy and confusing. But the campaigns last a good 10-12 hours a piece, which is nice for a modern shooter since the standard seems to be 4-5 hours for most games. Another cool thing-especially true with Crysis 2, is that there's never a cutscene in which you won't be in control of your characters movements (although I think Crysis 1 has a few slightly scripted cutscenes where your head is directed on a specific
location or person).

Also, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fantastic sci-fi RPG that allows you a lot of room to get creative as well when it comes down to the gameplay. You don't need to spend hours playing this one at a time either. You can just pick it up for thiry minutes and play a mission or two, in the fashion that you want to, proceed a little bit in the story and then put it down for later.

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