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I just saw the updated site for HEAVY MTL 2012 .... our local metal fest.

All I can say is OMFG !!!! The line-up is incredible so far

Cannibal Corpse
Marylin Manson
Suicidal Tendencies
System of a "motherfucking" Down (prolly headliners)
Lamb of God
Killswitch Engage

love the fact that they actually acknowledge the local scene this year with

Voivod ( legendary ... RIP Piggy)
The Agonist ( the new blood .... and the singer is sexy as hell )
Sword ( the singer used to date 1 of Celine Dion's sister ... not active in the last 20 years )
Kataclysm ( big in Europe ... they make more money than Fear Factory )

full line-up here http://groupes.heavymtl.com/ and it's not final since the festival takes place Aug11-12

Personnal perfection would be if they get Obliveon and Gorguts to play but so far , it's a real damn solid line-up overall. Take my 120$ already !!
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that is a pretty bad ass line up (even though I do not like Deftones)

sadly I cant make it to Canada for this show!
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updated poster !

Line-up is set in stone

Day 1 : SOAD + Deftones = must see. Cannibal Corpse , Killswitch Engage and local Kataclysm are a worthy pre-headliners show.

Day 2 : Suicidal Tendencies & Overkill are my main selling points ( sorry , not a Slipknot fan and MM time was up like 10 years ago ). Still liked that they put Voivod , The Agonist and Sword as local crowd-warmers

Still not sure about Day 2 tho but i'm mostly certainly there for Day 1.

System of a Down - Aug 2nd 2006 in Montreal - Stage

System of a Down - Aug 2nd 2006 in Montreal - Raining as fuck .. best time EVER ! I had mud up to my knees when the show was over.
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I have to admit that i just recently discovered Gojira and they kick so much ass.

Gojira - L'enfant Sauvage

kinda like Mastodon meet Meshuggah ... does that even make sense? LOL
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How can there be a metal festival in Canada without Anvil?
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Originally Posted by Badbird View Post
How can there be a metal festival in Canada without Anvil?
I know right
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