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The Offical NASCAR Discussion thread

Didn't see one so I thought I'd make one.

Today they had testing for Michigan on the freshly paved surfaced. Tony Stewart had the fastest speed going nearly 202 mph on his fast lap. Cars are entering the corners at 218. Tomorrow is practice.
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Dale Earnhardt Jr broke his winless streak on Sunday after 143 races! That was something else.

Some other members please post. I am lonely .
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I'll make an OFFICIAL answer for your OFFICIAL thread. Probably the only one you will get.

NASCAR isn't racing.

Drivers going 200 mph while riding the bumper of the car in front whose driver has his foot on the brake?? other drivers in direct radio contact because the guy behind "can't see a thing"? That is not racing.

Entertaining to a few, but so is fishing with a shotgun or sticks of dynamite.

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