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Earthquake Rocks Victoria Australia


Whoa l got home last night and l was on my bed watching tv plus having my dinner it was around 9pm
I couldnt beleive it one moment it was quiet next my bed started to rock quite hard

i thought someone in the house was rocking the bed hard plus there was a roar like hail stones coming down the windows wer shaking and the house was moving

I have been though the odd tremor but this was very diffrent

They say that it was around 5.3 on the rictor scale but it felt like more

it hit a town called Moe and went right around Victoia shking us all

geez l know it was not like japan but geez it was surprising

There is a link on what happened

We havent had one like this for around 109 years
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also they say the after shocks will hit us for a few weeks

I have never been through a earthquake before and never thought that Australia was so prone to one it goes to show that we are not diffrent from other countries
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