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The Tall Man

Official Trailer:

In an isolated, slowly dying mining town, children are vanishing without a trace – abducted, the townsfolk whisper, by a mysterious entity known locally as “The Tall Man.” Town nurse Julia Denning seems skeptical…until her young David disappears in the middle of night. Frantic to rescue the boy, Julia lives every parent’s darkest nightmare in this twisting, shock-around-each-corner thriller from acclaimed director Pascal Laugier (“Martyrs”) called THE TALL MAN.
As a fan of Laugier and Martyrs, I am excited for this film, but as an absolute hater of Jessica Biehl I have my reservations. Hopefully it turns out for the best, because Martyrs was one of my absolute favourite films of the past decade.
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Looks good, I'll be checkin' it out, but we all know there's only one true Tall Man in Horror...

I liked Martyrs, but didn't love it. I really enjoyed the first half, thought it was well done and creeped me out, but the second half it just fell apart IMO.

With that said, how can anyone hate Jessica biel!
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Originally Posted by MistAh BlistAh View Post
Looks good, I'll be checkin' it out, but we all know there's only one true Tall Man in Horror...

I liked Martyrs, but didn't love it. I really enjoyed the first half, thought it was well done and creeped me out, but the second half it just fell apart IMO.

With that said, how can anyone hate Jessica biel!
She was easily the worst part about the Texas Chainsaw remake, and I just cannot stand her! lol! Maybe it's a personal thing, but whenever I see her name on a film roster it turns me off.

I agree that using the title The Tall Man almost makes this come off as a Phantasm remake or something, but clearly this is different enough to separate itself from Coscarilli's classic. It just makes me wonder why they would choose to use such a title, especially for the American release which is The (real) Tall Man's native grounds!
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I saw this movie last night and I have to say, if you guys are expecting a horror movie then you'll be severely disappointed. I know they are marketing this as a horror movie, but trust me it's not a horror movie AT ALL.

It's a pretty good movie though. Some very intriguing twists and turns and the very last scene of the movie is surprisingly quite thought provoking and haunting. Thematically the movie reminded me

Gone Baby Gone
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I thought this was a spin off of Phantasm.
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THE TALL MAN (2012) Directed by Pascal Laugier & starring Jessica Biel in yet another surprisingly good dramatic performance since her Oscar-worthy turn in POWDER BLUE from a few years ago. Biel portrays a young widowed nurse dwelling in a small, poverty-stricken mining town in upstate Washington where several cold cases involving missing children are linked to the local legend of the title supernatural figure simply known as "The Tall Man". When Biel’s young son David (Jakob Davies) is kidnapped by this mysterious Bogeyman, the chase is on as the local townsfolk battle FBI outsiders during the harrowing aftermath of their community's latest vanishing act. There are plenty of twists abound as the shocking reality hits the viewer like a sledgehammer even after the first big reveal occurs pretty early on in the movie! Think a horror version of GONE BABY GONE meets WINTER’S BONE! This is Biel’s stage from start to finish as her Julia Denning character captures the attention of both her audience & her on-screen counterparts (most notably Joelle Ferland from CASE 39 as a troubled teen, Eve Harlow as loyal babysitter Christine, Stephen McHattie as the G-Man on the case and local sheriff William B. Davis a.k.a. Cancer Man from THE X FILES TV series). I’ve always been a fan of this Jessica for obvious reasons, and she never disappoints! The ending will leave you baffled but there is a method to all the madness if you look deeper into the story. My grade: B+

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Originally Posted by rocknblues81 View Post

I thought this was a spin off of Phantasm.
The title of the movie, as well as the trailer, is VERY misleading.

The marketing department should be a shamed of themselves. There's going to be a lot of pissed off people because the way the movie is being marketed is not representative of the movie at all. And that is a shame because it's a good movie that deserves to find an audience.

And Antonio, I completely agree with you on Jessica Biel in Powder Blue. The movie itself isn't very good, but Biel is wonderful in it. I've always thought she was an underrated talent as well as being one of the most beautiful women in the world! Yeah, I'm in love! Justin Timberlake is one hell of a lucky guy!
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I really liked this movie. It was not what I expected given the title but it was very thought provoking similar to Laugier's other hit 'Martyrs'. Biel was excellent as was Ferland. I would suggest this to any Netflix Instant users.
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Watched this last night. I thought it was definitely an interesting and unique spin for a horror movie, but the laughable performances and editing made me hate this movie more than love.

6.5/10 (D+)
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I loved this movie. I didn't find its masquerading as a horror movie to be misrepresentation but rather misdirection. Like how Psycho starts out as a sort of seedy love story and then takes a left turn into horror territory. This movie starts out as a horror movie and then becomes something else entirely.

Jessica Biel was very good, as was Stephen McHattie. I'd recommend this to anyone, not just horror movie fans. If you like movies with a lot of twists and turns, you can't go wrong with this one.

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