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What Not to Say to Mixed-Race Parents


1 'I Didn't Think You Two Were Together'
2 'Your Last Name Doesn't Sound Asian'
3 'So Great You Can Overcome Your Differences'
4 'Are They Adopted?
5 'Where Is She From?
6 'Did One of You Have to Apply for a Green Card?
7 'Aren't You Afraid of Your Kids Not Fitting In?
8 'Your Kids Don't Look Very Asian/White/Black'
9 'Did Your Parents Approve?
10 'It Must Be Confusing for Kids to Have Two Parents of Different Ethnicities'

I saw this and since I am married to an Asian woman and we have 2 kids, I read it.

These people must be around stupid people, but I have never heard any of them, but one. Where is she from? And the only reason I am asked that is when I say she is not American. Or maybe it is because I am in a liberal state and mixed races is not a big deal here at all.

Actually, the only question I get a lot, is where did you meet and me being me, I say, "There was this catalog and I picked her out on page 43." We laugh and then I say the story. But I am not offended by any of the questions. Most people I know say nice things or odd things based on her being Asian and sexual in nature. An example is and for those who don't know, no, Asian pussies slit do not go the other way.

I know few of you are in mixed marriages, but it is a cute topic none the less. I would be interested in Mr Filmmaker's comments, since he seems to only date white women, I assume he very well might marry one and maybe have kids.
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Originally Posted by Erroneous View Post
These people must be around stupid people, but I have never heard any of them, but one. Where is she from? And the only reason I am asked that is when I say she is not American. Or maybe it is because I am in a liberal state and mixed races is not a big deal here at all.
I would say that has something to do with it. I grew up in a small all white town and moved to Toronto which is probably the most multicultural city in Canada. You see interracial couple all over the place in Toronto but in my home town, when i lived there growing up, you would probably be hard pressed to find more then one or two.

Now this wan't cause my home town is biggoted or anything as much as... well.... its just mostly all white ppl who live there so there isn't the opportunity. Back then i could definitely see some ppl around town saying something like the list you posted but i think it would be more because it just wasn't something you saw around there more then any kind of prejudice or ignorance.

These days though, when i go back to visit, there are definitely more ppl of different enthnic backgrounds so i'm sure interracial relationships are more common and i would hope the understanding would increase as well.

But in terms of those on the other side getting offended by these questions its all a matter of the person. Ppl choose what offends them. Sure there are things that can make ppl sick or angry but in the end its your own personal energy your expending to feel that way when the alternative is to just not care.

There was this funny black guy (i know that sounds strange but its part of the story) that i worked with for a while back in my home town. He was telling me about a conversation with some friends that went something like this:

Friend: So you have a white girl friend?

Guy: Yeah, why?

Friend: I dunno, just seems strange.

Guy: Strange? I live in a town where all i see are white ppl. How is it strange that i have a white girl friend?

Needless to say the guy could have gotten offended by his friends comment but chose not to and instead make a joke and all was good.
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Well l know in Australia we have alot of mixed marriages

i will start of with my older brother he is white and married to a woman from Chilli

They met when they were around 26 and got married a few years later

I know that my 7 year old nephewis is shown more from his mums side to his dads side which is great for him to learn about where he mum has come from and what sort of life she has had

he is fluent in chillian and quite a smart kid

if two people from two cultures like each other and get along so well l am all for it

In Australia we are becoming a more cultural soceity and you see more diffrent cultures getting together and not so much on the white side as it used to be a few years back

it will be iinteresting in a couple of decades on how aussies will look like and if there will be any changes on how we will look with all the cultral change

But it is changing as more people move to Aus

Why it that we have to judge different cultures and sometimes insult them

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Those ten items are just common sense . . . why would anyone with half a brain think that that's okay to ask?
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"Hey, your kid looks like my coffee!"
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12. How much for the child?
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