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Virgin Mary image on tree in New Jersey?


WEST NEW YORK, N.J. -- Hundreds of Catholic faithful and curious onlookers descended on a West New York street Thursday, eager to visit a tree that many are convinced bears an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Virgin Mary as worshipped in Mexico

The crowds gathered around the tree on Bergenline Avenue, leaving piles of flowers and praying as they touched the tree.

"As soon as I got here, I felt this rush when I saw it, this rush from my body," said Barbara Questel of West New York. "It's such an amazing feeling."

Johanna Ramos was among the first to spot the image earlier in the week.

"It took me awhile, but when I realized the colors and shape of it, it was really noticeable," she said.

The crowds grew so large, police set up barricades to protect people waiting in line from traffic.

"It's excellent," said Bacher Archnir of West New York. "A lot of people come and believe."

Visitors to the tree lingered into the night. Barricades around the tree will remain, as police expect the number of visitors to grow.

My first thought was, "Wow, there are a lot of Mexicans in New New York, NJ" (Yes, that is the name of the city and it is small). My second thought was, "These people need to go to the woods more, because there are millions of tree just like that."
Third throught was it looked like a tree vagina.
I am not making fun of anyone here, but religious people make me laugh.
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Was it in Religulous were the Mexican woman could see Jesus in the woodgrain pattern on her door? And her son said something to the effect of she see's Jesus in everything?

I really need to find a rock that looks like Jesus, or Mary, and sell it.
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There's a tree I've been seeing for years that looks like someone's ass crack! So maybe a higher being is telling me to kiss his ass or maybe kiss my ass goodbye?! LOL! We see what we want to see. Also, a house I pass quite often has a rock in front of it that of looks like a huge penis, veins and all! The people even put two round rocks beside it to look like balls. Too bad they had to remove it, traffic was becoming a problem!

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Geez some people are silly
They beleive in anything

if there is a image on the tree it has been made by someone playing a joke
That person is proberly laughing so hard as he is seeing this happen

Oh Rose you made me laugh about that tree with the huge crack l bet that was a sight to see lol
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Stuff like this makes me sad for humanity. The fact that hundreds of people get all goofy over a marking in a tree that vaguely resembles the profile of the Virgin Mary is a sad, sad thing.

It also slightly resembles a gaping vagina, but I'm not there trying to fuck it.

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Originally Posted by poopontheshoes7 View Post

It also slightly resembles a gaping vagina, but I'm not there trying to fuck it.
Stop lying. You know you thought about it.
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