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Anyone Like to Read Horror Stories?

Hello everyone,
I realize the main purpose of this forum is to discuss horror movies, but I was wondering how many of you here like to read horror fiction. Iím asking because I just published a new short story to the Kindle store, and itís in the horror genre.

Iíd really like to get some reviews on Amazon for the piece, and Iím willing to give out a few complementary copies to people who are willing to read and review it.

If youíd be interested in getting the story for free and writing a quick review once youíve read it, you can either post your email address below, or send it to me via PM. Once you do Iíll get a copy out to you ASAP!

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I do! I write stories and novels myself! It is weird because I almost posted a similar post! Would love to check out your story!
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Thanks Dark Minister! It would be great to get your feedback. Can you give me an email address where I can send the story to you? You can send it to me via PM if you don't want to post it publicly.

Also I can send the story in Kindle format or just as a .pdf, whichever you prefer.


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Cool. You can shoot it to me at spideyman2002@yahoo.com

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I do but i just cannot tolerate reading an e-book .... gimme a good old physical novel anyday. I'm a big Dean R. Koontz & Ramsey Campbell fan.
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I read a lot of horror novels. Reading Duma Key at the moment.
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