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Zombiefied - Short Film Concept

I have recently completed a first draft script called Zombified.


No one is left alive. Humans have become mindless zombies. A mysterious car containing a recently dead body crashes in front of a house. The zombies discover their final meal...


Grim, apocalyptic, eerie and desolate.


Extras to be Zombies. One actor/stunt person for the role of the dead driver.

My Intention:

I am looking for a director who enjoys zombie films, who wants to do something serious and a possible challenge that involves stunts (car crash, zombies breaking windows, broken car windows, zombies falling into car through the broken windows), gore effects.

My Goal:

As Zombified is at the first draft stage I am open to more drafts to enhance the story. All I ask is that I be credited for the story in the finished product. I am not looking to make money from writing this project or the finished film I am looking to establish myself as a screenwriter and get my name out there in the marketplace.

If anyone is interested in reading the first draft with the possible intention to direct or produce please send me a PM.

If you wish to see any of my work I can direct you to two YouTube Channels:

www.youtube.com/wthisproductions - this is in partnership with two colleagues.

www.youtube.com/rodneypetrie - my own YouTube Channel

Thank you for your time.

Rodney Petrie
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