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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13

Yay another Final Fantasy thread where I talk to myself!!!

Famitsu has revealed new details for the recently announced Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

The details from the Japanese magazine confirms that Lightning Returns, which will be the last entry in the "Lightning saga", is currently 30% complete, and the fact that Square Enix has said the game will feature just one ending. The full list of details can be viewed below -- potential spoilers ahead.

It sounds very progressive. It goes without saying that it's pretty cool that Lightning will be the main character and from the sound of it the only character you control.

Lightning is probably the most popular Final Fantasy character in a very very long time. Maybe even since FF7. Actually now that I think about it I will stand with that statement.

Anyways I really enjoyed FF13-2. The ending was disappointing and I have not played the DLC because as a rule I don't purchase any DLC that was clearly finished when the game was released and released a few weeks after release.
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Game spot posted an article about the next game and for me at least its not that promising.

There were a few point that might sound interesting but the over all design of the game is looking to be more of a mash up of LoZ: Major's Mask (the time element) and Kingdom Hearts (free running combat).

For all the things ppl complained aobut in XIII now they are making you only control Lightening? That seems like a step back to me. They say its going to be more open world but i bet it will still be along the lines of the older FF's in that it is an open world but there are all sorts of ways to restrict where you can go. Stuff like getting an Airship.

Not really sure what to think. I really enjoyed XIII but only played the demo of XIII-2 as i didn't like a lot of the changes (specifically the battle system) and this one seems like its going to be just as different form the first two as they were from themselves.
Reposting this in this thread now that it exists
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She's a wonderful character and probably the most popular as an individual since Sephiroth (although I would argue there were more Tidus/Yuna fans). I'm just baffled that it looks like we're only going to get 1 real FF series for the PS3. I was excited to see what else Square could come up with, but whatever.

Anyway, the combat mechanics sound pretty cool. If I ever get around to XIII-2, I might give this a shot. Last Story has me in full on JRPG mode (even though the love story is so cliche and straight out of Disney).
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