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Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall

In advance, I'm sorry if there is another thread on this...I couldn't find it after scrolling back a year through the forum - twice. But we need to start talking about this shit simple as that...

First off....Jim F'n Carrey just joined the cast last week..

Personally, I love what Matthew Vaughn did with the original and I'm sad to see he's not returning behind the camera - but I am excited to see what they come up with for a sequel....here's a 7 minute interview with the director:


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C'mon people!

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I, myself, am quite stoked for this! Loved the first one and the fact that they wrangled Carrey for this. Yes please!
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Man, were gonna crash this site because of all the discussion in this thread......
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Kick Ass was a pretty enjoyable movie. After rewatching it I'd give it a solid 8/10

Its just a shame that Matthew Vaughn isnt directing this. He brought a unique style to the film and I think it'll be sorely missed in the sequel.
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Nobody puts Daddy in the corner.

Jeff Wadlow, the director of Kick-Ass 2, is making a habit of tweeting many behind-the-scenes photos from the upcoming film. Earlier today, he showed off the model of one of their sets and just now he posted this** photo with the caption, "Nobody puts Daddy in the corner".

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