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Dexter Season 7

Anyone gonna watch tonight? Although (to me) last season was not great I'm not gonna quit watching. I'm actually curious how this season is gonna be..

Bring it on.
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Last season started off well but fell off a cliff after

Mos Def died

I loved the cliffhanger though and it's the main reason why i am still watching.

I hope Dexter snaps and takes out Miami Metro (Except for Deb of course). Holy shit, Quinn, Lagurta, Angel, and Matsuka are so fucking annoying the last few seasons.
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I am handcuffed to this show. It's really not very good anymore, but I'm too far in to quit now.

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I felt like Dexter hasn't been even average television since the Trinity Killer (honestly, that arc was phenomenal storytelling and Dexter will NEVER be able to top it) but with Deb finally seeing Dexter kill, I was committed to tuning in this season. I felt last season they were really grasping at straws until the final moment.

Overall, solid premiere and this season looks to be solid but I am certainly going to keep my expectations in check. This show has burned me too much over the last couple of seasons. But so far, I chalk this season up as 1 for 1.
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Old 10-01-2012, 12:42 AM
I stopped watching after season 5 (should have stopped after season 4)....might start rewatching if word of mouth is good on this season.
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Well look at that. For the first time since S4, Dexter has become appointment TV again.

'Bout goddamn time...
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Pivotal moment between Dex & Deb...I expected better! This series has seen better days! Their conversations in the first two episodes should have comprised the opening show without all the subplots!

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I was not shocked or anything.. It all felt a bit rushed. In fact, what I saw was an orgy of story lines.

Interesting though.
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Originally Posted by Del View Post
I was not shocked or anything.
not even in the finale ? The "look what i did while you were out" moment was great .... reminded me of my cat clawing the toilet paper roll all over the place.
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Originally Posted by Dirtyfrog View Post
not even in the finale ? The "look what i did while you were out" moment was great .... reminded me of my cat clawing the toilet paper roll all over the place.

Honestly I wasn't! I mean, at the end of the season 6 it was pretty much clear that the jig was up for Dexter. I really couldn't find a storyline where she would believe otherwise. AND, and this is the biggest one: Deb is a damn good cop with a cop-heart. I always knew she would figure it out eventually.. And just a quick prediction: this could actually 'kill' Deb, but in what manner, we will have to wait and see.

But like I said: an ORGY of storyline; LaGuerta finding the bloodsample and making the link to Dokes (who was always my favorite character!!), Dex and Deb, Quinn on the loose, Matsuka's creepy assistant, the hand, and more..

Gonna watch the second ep now.. I'm actually travelling and will watch it with 75 people around me at some gate in Washington.. This will be an interesting experience..
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A little late for the adaptation maybe, but I can see the whole Dexter/Deb/LaGuerta collision course being built up to an ending that hews close to the original Lindsay novel. To leave it there without major spoilers, of course.

Just a hunch.
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Old 10-17-2012, 02:16 AM
Really a wonderfull show to watch. Dexter is always one of mine favorite shows. Dexter Morgan is mine favorite character from the show. All other all also nice.
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Old 10-22-2012, 01:13 PM
Solid episode last night, with some really good moments. The show made a really good decision bringing us here, watching Dexter and Deb have to coexist on the same wavelength. I think when Dexter is over a lot of people will say it never got past season four, but everything being so radically different this season may lead to its redemption. It will never be that good again, clearly, but with what's going on now it has room to be good in a whole other way.

Redefining their relationship entirely makes it play like something brand new, almost. The "will you be mine?" scene does something that I don't think we've seen done yet, by stepping outside of Dexter's narrative and presenting him as an almost sinister entity. It was brief, but effective. I also really loved his line "everything is in my control." In fact that whole conversation with Deb in the parking lot was outstanding, so was their other one in the alley. Just Dexter saying "I love you" is a loaded moment now, as is just about every other one they're together in.

Dex's yelling of "fuuuck!" while taunting Speltzer was great. Also his acknowledging that that character, and everything that happened involving him, was basically a plot device to further his relationship with Deb. Burning the slides, that shot where he's watching the smoke, the whole last sequence was really good (until the unbelievably bad final line, where I was literally thinking "don't say human, please don't say human" and then he did). There seem to be things going on underneath, beyond just the blunt force trauma of Dexter's monologues, and this ep felt like the season catching its stride imo. I hope it can keep it.
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Old 10-23-2012, 05:37 PM
I find myself to be just about over this show, completely. I was really jazzed up after the season premiere but I notice I surf the internet or text or what have you, more and more during each new episode. I'm not interested in the villain, I'm not interested in Deb, I feel as though they are going to push the Freudian angle more, and I just don't see how Dexter hasn't been turned in yet. It doesn't fit her character to be so OK with it.

Of course, Michael C Hall still and continuously kills it as Dexter and is the only reason worth watching.
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Old 10-24-2012, 07:18 AM
WTF are you talking about? this has been a real solid season , the best after Season 2 and 4 ....loving it.

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Old 10-24-2012, 09:52 AM
I'm really enjoying this season. Next episode seems to kick into high gear with the BHB case.
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Originally Posted by CuatroDiablos View Post
WTF are you talking about? this has been a real solid season , the best after Season 2 and 4 ....loving it.

Haha sorry. Just telling it how it is. It's possible I'm just burned out on these set of characters and their trials and tribulations.
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Originally Posted by xseanymacx View Post
It doesn't fit her character to be so OK with it.
She is not OK with it but this is a good example of a dilemna.

She is not OK with the whole thing , her job as a police detective and now captain would be to turn him in but her stance as a sister is to understand , convince and protect her brother.

Let's forget the killing for a sec and instead imagine theft. Personally , if my brother or a family member would rob grocery store at gunpoint to pay for his meth addiction and killed a couple person on the way , i would surely turn him in but if he was Robin Hood and just stealing from the rich while giving back to the community and the only ones dying brought it upon themselves , i'd probably protect that person too.

Not sure if this is a good example but that's the only one i came up with.

Dexter made it clear to her he only kills certain kind of person and the whole Bullhead killer situation just exacerbated his point. Deb problably would not have been so understanding if that situation didn't happen at the same time but that is TV drama convenience at its best.
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Certain kinds of people or not, he is now a known serial killer with a huge list of murders on his hands. Not to mention, his actions have led to the deaths of innocent people which is now, also, known to Deb. He creates destruction that directly effects Deb everywhere she goes. She has gone through living hell because of Dexter and she now knows it's ALL because of him. All of the trauma that Deb has gone through in 8 seasons has been because of Dexter. She almost got killed, the love of her life did get killed, she found out Dexter almost killed her, Deb knows Dexter's actions directly led to the murder of her nephew's mother, and Christ, the list goes on. Not to mention her built up over the seasons belief in her job and her dedication to the law and doing it the right away. She's a cop's cop.

So all of this is now in the air, right out in the open, in front of her face. There is no way her character doesn't turn him in if this was projected to real life. Oh, let's throw in the fact that Dexter has revealed to her that her own father has been lying to her since she was a child. Deb has all ready shown she is an emotionally unstable person and when extremely flustered she acts wildly and with abandon. But now, her whole life has basically been exposed as a lie and a world of torture and living hell and it's all because of Dexter...and she thinks logically about all of this going on now? She reacts calm and coolly. Bull. Fucking. Shit. Don't buy it.
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Old 12-09-2012, 09:21 PM
I'm hoping the season finale has something BIG for us. I would hate to be disappointed with the season...none have really been terrible, but this ones pretty close.
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"Hooooly fuck, you're Dickie Moser!"

That was one of the funniest lines on the show. For years, Estrada thought Dexter's name was Dickie. But maybe, just maybe, that will be next season's opening twist.... Dexter's not his real name. And Moser isn't his full last name. It's Dickie Moser-Estrada! Dexter just tried killing his real father who killed his mother and created the monster that is Dexter-Dickie Morgan-Moser Estrada del Matador.

Anybody else think the best subplot nobody's talking about is Quinn's secret coke addiction? It's pretty genius how Quinn has progressively looked more like an emaciated corpse who's constantly waking up in every scene. Look at Quinn's eyes in every scene he's in. They're doing things man. Desmond Harrington deserves an award for pushing himself to the limit ala Robert Deniro and Christian Bale. It's a true multi-layered performance that everyone has missed. That whole thing about Nadya and Gyorgy was just window dressing.
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Harrington's just good at looking that way. He looks like he just woke up in almost everything that he's in...I definitely don't think he deserves and award. He hasn't really done anything note-worthy.
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Anyways, Geoff Pierson was on fire in this last one!

"Personally, I think she's had one too many of those mosqiutos, or whatever the hell they call that goddamn drink"

"I've heard of people fucking their brains out Maria, but God Almighty"

Was pulling for Hannah. Season's been only slightly better than the awful Season 6. They gotta end the pain soon.
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Old 12-11-2012, 02:18 AM
I hope Hannah kills them all.


that'd be hot.
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