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2012 Debates

Who will be watching and who wins?
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Glibness, international violence, and manic corporatism will probably win. Ideas will probably lose.
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Romney will say that Obama's three-cent titanium tax goes too far, and Obama will say that Romney's three-cent titanium tax doesn't go too far enough.
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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
Glibness, international violence, and manic corporatism will probably win. Ideas will probably lose.
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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
Glibness, international violence, and manic corporatism will probably win. Ideas will probably lose.
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Round 1 to Mitt. Both MSNBC and Fox talked about Mitt winning. One MSNBC lady actually said President Romney and then corrected herself. Ed Schultz, who is the biggest asshole around, declared Mitt the winner.

Mitt was pretty darn good. I did not pick up on half the criticism of Obama. But I was listening to most of it and not watching
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Well l know l will only be seeing bits and pieces of the debate on Aussie tv

But l have a link that posted but l should have put it here


I will let you all look at it

it is about Romley and Obama disgussioning the jobs area and what they will do with it to improve this area

I still feel that Romley is for the rich but if l see any of the debate on tv l will be able to give my opinion on it

What l would like to know is waht plans and procedures Both men are going to put in place and if they will create more jobs for people out of work
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BG, I like you and all... But I honestly don't understand why you feel you have to post in the US Politics related threads.... I don't get it. I know nothing about Australian politics, so I would never post in such a thread. But do what you will!

Erroneous, I'm a hardcore Democrat and a fan of Obama's. But you know what? Romney really did win. He embarrassed the President tonight, and I'm not being sarcastic in the least. I was quite surprised at how well he did tonight. I'm sour as fuck on politics in general, but I always enjoy a good debate. This however, was not one. It was pretty lopsided in Romney's favour. I don't know if it's going to be that way the next two upcoming debates though.

I also believe Obama will still end up winning the election overall. However, in general I really don't give a fuck who wins cuz it's all eventual bullshit anyway. But it's amusing to watch the debates leading up to the election nonetheless!
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Romney won. He was confident, on-point, and focused.

Tapatalking from my bed. Ya mutha says hi.
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I rather like Doug Henwood's take:

Unlike Franklin Roosevelt, who famously said that he welcomed the hatred of the rich, Obama wants to flatter them. He made the mistake of calling them "fatcats" once, so his former fans on Wall Street turned on him. That has something to do with why he didnít mention the 47% thing, or tar Romney as the candidate of the 0.1%. That would be divisive and offend the people whose admiration he craves. FDR came out of the aristocracy, and had the confidence to step on the fancy toes of the rich now and then. Obama came out of nowhere, was groomed for success by elite institutions throughout his impressive rise, and no doubt wants some of those nice shoes for himself.

More broadly, the political problem of the Democrats is that they're a party of capital that has to pretend for electoral reasons sometimes that itís not. All the complaints that liberals have about themótheir weakness, tendency to compromise, the constantly lamented lack of a spineóemerge from this central contradiction. The Republicans have a coherent philosophy and use it to fire up a rabid base. The Dems are afraid of their base because it might cause them trouble with their funders.

What do liberals stand for these days? Damned if I know. Itís not a philosophy you can express in aphorisms. (Yeah, politics are complex, and slogans are simple, but if youíve got a passionately held set of beliefs you can manage that contradiction.) Too many qualifications and contradictions. They canít just say less war and more equality, because they like some wars and want to bore you with just war theory to explain the morality of drone attacks, and worry about optimal tax rates and incentives. Join an empty philosophy to an empty personality and you get a very flat and meandering performance in debate.

Romney believes in money. Obama believes in nothing.


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