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Most Painful Deaths

Was just reading about the world's most painful ways to die (yeah I'm bored at work) and was wondering what the most painfl deaths on film would be?

The curb stop from American History X doesn't look like much fun, but surely death would be pretty instantenous right?

Being electrocuted to death as in Taken, looks pretty awful, but surely you would lose concisouness from the pain?!

There's so many deaths in horror films and ever more creative, but the chest-burster is pretty awful from Alien.

Jennifer Jason Leigh being pulled apart by trucks in the hitcher doesn't look like much fun.

Scarface - the chainsaw scene - gruesome!!!
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Mel Gibson loves this thread. Braveheart last death scene. Passion of the Christ.

Joe Pesci
in the movie Casino.


And the non-wet sponge in The Green Mile.
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Good times.
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Martyrs spoilers

I don't know if any movie character has ever had a more painful death than Anna. She was literally in so much pain that she got scoops on the afterlife.
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The curb stomp scene from American History X is one of the few movie scenes that has ever made me cringe.
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Martyrs is a good call.

barbed wire scene.
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