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I'm Sorry Guys, But BLURAY DVD Doesn't Impress Me Much

I'm Sorry Guys, But BLURAY DVD Doesn't Impress Me Much

I want to begin this minor rant about a major thing by saying that I have only just begun to collect some of my favorite movies on BLURAY DVD. My very very first viewing of a BLURAY DVD movie was the crappy Ghostrider 2 a few months ago. But having said that, it was quite a marvel to behold this new format on my new big screen hd tv. Being a late comer to this new format, I was literally taken a back by the clarity, and absolute beautiful picture I was watching. So here it goes. I decided only just yesterday to purchase 4 new BLURAY DVD movies. The titles are as follows. These were $10 each, and sealed in plastic, from JB HIFI AUSTRALIA.

Descent (2005)
Troy (ext dir cut)
Dawn of the Dead (2004)

They are a humble beginning I grant you. Now, what I want to know is why does my copy of Descent and Heat look practically no better than my dvd versions of them? I am so sick and tired of hearing that BLURAY is 3 times the picture quality. Wtf? Not mine. Troy extended cut looks superb. And DOTD looks marginally better than my dvd cut. Oh, I also have Star Wars on BLURAY. Got them with my player. They are also very very good I have to admit. So are all BLURAYS imind-blowing, good or average? So far, I am not impressed at all really. Why should I go out and buy my favs on BLURAY when some of them don't look much better than on my dvds? I have over 5000 dvds store bought. Why the fuck should I update? I am more than happy with my collection.

I guess this topic can be moved to either rant or dvd discussion. Whatever...

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My blu-ray player "enhances" my DVDs to where they do look better, but I believe that the blu-ray discs look and sound better than my DVDs. I'm not saying the difference between blu-ray and DVD is huge, but I think there's enough of a difference to where blu-ray is worth it.
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It really depends on what you get. Movies with gorgeous cinematography obviously are the ones to buy on Blu-ray. All the ones mentioned above are pretty standard looking. Movies like Avatar, Hugo, True Grit, Tree of Life, Pixar films, etc. are worth the difference in price.

For me I'm counting down the seconds until Lawrence of Arabia is released on Blu-Ray exactly one month from now.
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I found this information at the link below. Now I am even more confused than ever before. You stated, Creeky, that my titles are pretty standard looking. Troy looks good on BLURAY DVD. But given that the format in general is far superior, why wouldn't almost all BLURAY DVDS look much betetr than their dvd counterparts? It's like getting a VHS copy of Braveheart, then seeing it on dvd. It looked better, cleaner etc. Now is Braveheart much better again on BLURAY? All movies should look way better, yet you state that the few I just purchased are standard. So, you're telling me that it can vary greatly from title to title?

Then why does my BLURAY copy of the Descent have loads of grain it? Wtf? Even my dvd doesn't have that. I am understandably confused with all of this.


Why should I upgrade from DVD to Blu-ray?

The simple answer is HDTV. If you've ever seen high-definition (HD) video on an HDTV, then you know just how incredibly sharp the picture is and how vivid the colors are. In fact, HD offers five times the amount of detail compared to standard-definition (SD). The problem with today's DVDs is that they only support SD and don't have the necessary storage capacity to satisfy the needs of HD. That's where Blu-ray comes in, it offers up to 50GB of storage capacity and enables playback, recording and rewriting of HD in all of the HD resolutions including 1080p. The format also supports high-definition audio formats and lossless audio.

In addition to the greater video and audio quality, the extra storage capacity also means there will be plenty of room for additional content and special features. This combined with the new BD-J interactivity layer adopted by Blu-ray will bring the menus, graphics and special features to a whole new level. For example, you will be able to bring up the menu system as an overlay without stopping the movie, and you could have the director of the movie on the screen explaining the shooting of a scene while the scene is playing in the background. The advanced interactivity combined with the networking features of Blu-ray will also allow content producers to support new innovative features such as downloading extras, updating content via the web, and watching live broadcasts of special events.

Thanks to the greatly enhanced HD video and audio quality as well as the advanced interactivity and networking features, Blu-ray represents a huge leap forward in the DVD viewing experience and will offer consumers an unprecedented HD experience.

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C'mon, guys. I need some quality advice here on what I should do. Please.
I only want to buy a few of my favorite movies on BLURAY. But I am very hesitant now.
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Go to blu-ray.com and check their reviews for the video quality of the movies. Some BR titles might not be worth the upgrade. For instance, I haven't replaced Ghostbusters, even though its a favorite, because they say the BR transfer is pretty bad. Think of it in terms of how some of the first generation DVDs didn't look that good (Goodfellas, which was on a 2-sided disc, was one of my first DVD disappointments)

For instance, on the site, here's what they say about...

Your appreciation of Warner's 1080p/VC-1 transfer will largely come down to the nature of your expectations. Anyone hoping for a faithful rendering of Mann's grim-n-gritty aesthetics, bleached palette, and oppressive shadows will be enamored with the results, while those looking for the latest and greatest high definition presentation will be slightly underwhelmed.
Although, they did praise Descent. I haven't seen the movie, but they do say it's a drab looking film that's often very dark, so it might just be that you don't notice much different because it's an ugly looking film to begin with. (?)

There is also the factor that while some BR's may not look better on a 32" HDTV, or maybe even 40" (and this all depends on how far you are sitting from the screen) the bigger your TV is, the more difference it will make.

KC Masterpiece is pretty much where I got schooled on that site above, and I think it's been very helpful for me in terms of saving money. There's so far been very few titles I've replaced. The site is also good for listing sales on BRs.

In the end though, I think $10 for great titles is a good deal, even if it's DVD quality. I wouldn't think twice to pick Heat up if I didn't already own it.
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I mean if you got a Marx brothers movie on Blu-ray its not going to look amazing or if you bought Paranormal Activity or the Blair Witch Project. I have about a dozen or so blu-rays and a lot of them aren't my top favorites but they're among my top favorite visual films or were just really cheap blu-rays. Grainy and gritty films aren't going to be worth a blu-ray buy. The movie Narc for example probably looks almost exactly the same as it does on dvd and Blu-ray especially to the untrained eye. Sound quality is a factor as well but you really want to get films that have amazing cinematography.

My suggestion is do that free netflix for a month thing and rent some blu-rays. If you already did that your local library should have some blu-rays available to borrow for free. Also of course if you have to have everything set up correctly with an HDMI cable with the proper settings and everything... if you're still not that satisfied with blu-ray then don't bother. If you expected the same jump in quality from VHS to DVD with DVD to Blu-Ray its understandable you'd be disappointed.

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Just because it's blu-ray don't instantly assume it'll be a huge leap above the DVD release, even with popular/big films they sometimes screw them up (fuck DNR)/half ass them.

Read reviews (the already mentioned blu-ray.com is great and they tend to have a lot of screencaps) and look at comparisons to give you an idea of whether or not it's worth the upgrade, http://www.dvdbeaver.com/ has side by side image comparisons between DVDs/Blu-ray releases.
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The difference is not near as pronounced as going from analog to HD but there is a difference. Whether or not it is worth it I think depends on the film, as mentioned above. If you are unsure of whether to spend the money or not, use a torrent, rip it and check it out first, then decide to buy it or not.

But the fact remains, there is a difference. Bluray produces a sharper image and better sound than standard DVD.
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Every angle of the dvd/blu ray argument has been hit, my opinion goes along with what most have said already.

Depends on the movie (Evil Dead isn't a must buy on blu ray if I already own the ultimate 3 disc edition),

if I already own it

prices, and etc

One thing that doesn't get mentioned is the packaging, most blu rays come in smaller cases, packages which yes saves on shelf space but sometimes it's kind of sad. Point in case Mad Men, I have seasons 1-4 of the show and they whoever oversees the packaging making really do a good job on the fold out case, layout, I like it I'm a sucker for that stuff if the film or show deserves the goods. Now blu ray is on my shopping list this end of the year and I'd like to get season5 on blu ray but damn it's a skinny case, nothing big or grand about it.

Just a personal thing.
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I've only got about 90 Blu Rays so far and I am actually being quite selective when it comes to buying them for example I will only buy movies I like, or if I respect the director and finally rewatchability comes into play.

I've traded a lot of my old format for blu ray upgrades and it was well worth it. I am happy I'm being selective with the titles because with my dvd collection, well it looked like it mostly belonged in a frat house (lot of dick and fart joke humor movies).

I am buying a lot of classics 70s on up and I have not been disappointed yet and some of the older movies are my favorite upgrades.
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I only really get Blu-ray when I know it will be something special or 3D - yes, I am one of those that don't mind 3D. My favourite has to be How to Train Your Dragon - love that movie. The problem I find, is getting a BD disc you actually want. Because of the moronic regional coding, like the original poster, I am in Australia, we are not on the US Region A, which means you have to hope it is either a Region Free release or available Region B. Lots of the rarer and special releases are only Region A. The other thing that pi55es me off, is the new release compiling - in the past if you wanted the DVD - $25, BD - $30+. Now the BD comes with the DVD and an Ultra-violet copy and another version copy, so your $30 now are over $40. That really starts to bite, considering I only wanted the BD and am having to pay for crap I don't want or need.

My 2c

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after going to blu-ray. i can't even watch movies on dvd anymore. the difference is huge if the transfer done correctly like the transfer for ten commandments
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Blu-ray is clearly better than DVD. I don't know what any of you are talking about. There may be bad transfers but the resolution is still larger, which allows you to see details much better than on DVD, even on the most crappiest DVD transfers.
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I wasn't a fan until I got HD television. now I see what the difference is. but I grew up watching movies on a VCR, I think this new technology tends to impress the younger crowd more. us old school movie watchers take a while longer to catch on.
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Originally Posted by Digifruitella View Post
Blu-ray is clearly better than DVD. I don't know what any of you are talking about. There may be bad transfers but the resolution is still larger, which allows you to see details much better than on DVD, even on the most crappiest DVD transfers.
I agree..The worst transfer I own is Robocop which IMO still looks pretty decent...In fact the only DVD's I will buy are the seasons of TV shows because usually they are a lot cheaper then the Blu-Ray's
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I own close to 400 blu rays and can definitely appreciate the difference in both picture and sound quality. I originally wanted nothing to do with the format until I bought a PS3, back during its original release (initially intended solely for the games). I wasn't wowed by Talladega Nights (the BD that came with it at the time) but over time, after calibrating my settings/reading up on bluray.com, I began to appreciate the difference between DVD and blu-ray. Old movies look fantastic, although you must understand that not every upgrade is a huge improvement. Films with amazing cinematography usually benefit the most, as well as solely digital films, and I'm glad to be on board the HD wagon.

EDIT: Btw it is not called a "Blu-ray DVD"... Blu-ray and DVD are two separate formats.

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Originally Posted by ScaryFreak1827 View Post
I own close to 400 blu rays
Geezus man, I own two! Hah! That's some big fucking money you've put into a collection like that, awesome stuff boss!
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Originally Posted by jaw2929 View Post
Geezus man, I own two! Hah! That's some big fucking money you've put into a collection like that, awesome stuff boss!
Haha yeah I began collecting back in 2008 and with the crazy hours I work now I can afford a lot more.
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