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Tom Hanks Lets out The F word On Morning Tv Show


Well l never thought such a smart man would do this on a morning tv show while you might as well say children would have been watching

he was told to go into character and say a few words what came out was the F**k word mentioned in a sentance

The presenter was so surprised at waht had just happened and Tom Hanks quickly apoligized for his actions

You would think a grown up man could act more repectable

he is a great actor and l am not jumping on his bandwagon thinking that he is not a great model for kids but l hope next time he thinks before his speaks
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Hahahahaha. Too funny. I love how the The Parents Television Council is tripping over this. What a bunch of fucking idiots. As if kids are watching the morning news...

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Well it is amazing waht kids get up to when the parents walk out of the room for one second
maybe mum or dad want to see abit of morning tv with the kids in the room and well you dont expect Tom to say the f word first thing in the morning

it only took Tom a second to get out his f word

but it is true alot of kids would be watching cartoons not the news
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Everyone slips.
We're human. So is Tom Hanks.
The man was in the moment, he was going for a laugh and he forgot himself.
For all he's done and how he's entertained so many, should this really be a big deal?

For fuck's sake...

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This is non-news. Who cares? Dude said a word while being a character. Nobody will remember tomorrow.
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My kids sometimes watch those morning shows before school time, only because we ask them to share TV time amongst the family. Other mornings they will watch something else or some days just read, listen to music or play video games.

No matter to us though. I watched The Shining with my kid last night so seeing Tom Hanks slip into a character probably wouldn't register when compared to Jack wanting to bash "your fucking head in." The whole point of everything is that we take the time to teach the kids that these aren't things you say everywhere - teaching them the difference between profanity and "dinner talk."

A lot of parents are just assholes so the outrage over this doesn't surprise me. When your kids are repulsive little suck-ass pieces of shit without a single redeeming quality worth speaking of, I guess you look for talking points outside your real life wherever you can get it, even if it means vilifying Forest "Fucking" Gump.
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