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Melissa George

I love this actress ... not afraid to take risk in her roles. Horror , action , drama or comedy , she's there. Actually , i'm amazed she is not more recognized in the horror circle after her roles in A Lonely Place To Die , 30 Days of Night and Turistas.

did you know that while she never appeared nude on screen ( well i don't remember any scene ) , she did appear in the australian version of Playboy in 1997 at the ripe age of 21 yo ?


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Well l have to say that this australian actress is brilliant
melissa started off in home and away and went on to alias and then to movies
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Also here is a link on youtube to her role on home and way she played the part of Angel
You could see she was going to make it huge in america

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that pic is sweet .... like a true Bondgirl ( pun intended )
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Thankyou Dirtyfrog for that comment it was lovely

oh l also wanted to tell you that melissa goerge has also been in a movie called The Hunter it looks good

it is going to be shown on SBS in Australia

i would say if you wait a couple of days you should be able to download her movie

i only seen it preveiwed a couple of nights back

since you are a fan l had to tell you about this grins
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Hey. Another big fan of MG right here. I have seen a fair few of her films. I really like her. And Bondgirl, I could be mistaken, but I believe it's a new tv series called the Hunted. I saw the trailer to it about a month ago, and it looks really good. I also want to see it. I really liked her in 30 Days of Night, Triangle, A Lonely Place To Die, and I also liked her in Roar, and Dark City.
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Originally Posted by SS-Block View Post
Not hot, and, more importantly, not a good actress. One of those who I just don't get.

Melissa George, Channing Tatum, Emma Stone and a few other new-ish actors leave me puzzled why, or perhaps how, they've been given their unmeritocratic careers.
Well l disgree with you this woman is talented and as she gets more roles you will see that

i feel she should go for more juicey roles like being a villian or as you would say something like a thiller role would show her up
I think she is beautiful and geez l normally wouldnt say that but she just is
In Australia we have so much talent and it is a shame that they cant have more movies made in Australia

But it is good to see alot of young aussie actors make something of them selves in America
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Okay a week or so Melissa had a hissy fit stating that when she began her career in Home And Away that it was the worst time of her life
In other words she finds her role on the show at that time embarrasing plus she had a go about Australia saying she prefered to be in Paris that step on Australian soil

If all this is true she is one silly girl because she was lucky to have tha breakin that tv series Home and way and should use that as a credit into showing her actinig skills

I feel sometimes that actors seem to let stardom go to there heads and then think they are smart in bagging people

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Actors often dismiss early work
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Originally Posted by SS-Block View Post
One of those who I just don't get.
You and plenty of other guys don't get what she's got. Just for the record, I wouldn't knock back a free gobby from her.
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I was able to watch Hunted l really liked it
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Very nice bod. I'd certainly have a romp
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Well here is a sneak peak at melissa Georges new series the hunted
I watched the first ep on Saturday and have to say it is a good show hopfully it continues to be that way

Also when the series started l thought it was going to be in subtitles but as the ep went on it reverts back to english

Anyway you proberly will be able to download this series and l would like to know what you think of this
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