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Poop's Top 5 Underrated 007 Flicks!!

Since Skyfall is collectively kicking everyone's ass at the moment, I figured it would be a good time to take advantage of the situation and post what I think are the top 5 most underrated entries in the series.

The fans of the series have a wide array of opinions: Best films, best Bond, best villain...

You'd be hard pressed to find any two Bond fans thinking exactly alike. And I'm sure my list of of the most underrated entries in the series will be scoffed at by many a fan, but scoff away! Opinions are like assholes! They all smell!

So without any further bullshit, I present to you my Top 5 Underrated James Bond Films!

Authors note: On Her Majesty's Secret Service was going to be included on this list, but over the years it has been gaining the respect it deserves, so I left it out.


Ya ya, I know. Denise Richards sucks! Worst Bond girl ever! While I agree she sucks, it's not like the series has a history of fantastic performances from our Bond girls. Franky, she ain't in it long enough to be a total detriment and her shittyness is outweighed by Sophie Marceau's awesomeness. Electra King is really one of the best Bond girls imo. Gorgeous and is an interesting character in her own right. She also has the honor of not only being a good Bond girl, she's also a good Bond villain.
Electra and Bond's relationship is surprisingly well written. Brosnan is good here, probably his best performance as the character. He's my least favorite Bond and I've always felt he never could nail down all of Bond's traits 100%, but here he comes very close.
Judi Dench also gets her best part of M at the time, with roll that actually ties her into the plot. The plot is decent and isn't as outlandish as Tomorrow Never Dies (more on that one latter ) and Die Another Day and the action is well staged and exciting. The opening Thames chase is probably my favorite pre-credit scene of the series. Not to mention the theme song is amazing and easily in my top 5 Bond songs ever.

It's not perfect. Some of the humor falls flat, our other villain Renard is underutilized, and yes Denise Richards sucks but other then that I really dig this flick. It's probably the most classy and old school of the Brosnan era.
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well , your list is not complete and everyone is entitled to their opinion but ....

NAH ! The World Is Not Enough is easilly the worst Pierce Brosman era JB flick.
And it's only only because Denise Richards is the worst bondgirl ever but the main story is dull as fuck .... on the flip side , you get to see Sophie Marceau's nipple if you freezeframe right ( well she did bare it all before but in the Bond universe , that's actually the only nudity scene ever ).
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One Phrase:

"And I thought Christmas only came once a year...."

I'm pretty sure that's the entire reason why Denise Richards was called Christmas.

But I generally agree that The World is Not Enough is under-rated. Bond was fallable for the first time since Timothy Dalton with his shoulder injury and Robert Carlisle was fantastic as the almost invincible Renard.
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Round Two:

Not hated per-say, just split. You'll find one Bond fan who loves it and then turn around and find another who thinks it's the worst in the series. Much of that hate seems to come from fans thinking the villain and plot are too dumb even for a Bond flick. This I just don't see at all. Ya, the villains plot is a bit goofy, but I think we can call a majority of the villains evil schemes in the series goofy to say the least. In fact, you could say the plot is a bit more applicable today then it was back in 97.
On a pure action/popcorn movie level, this is one of the most enjoyable of the series. This has easily some of the best action out of any of the Bond films. The opening sequence, the car chase, the motorcycle chase, the finale on the Stealth Boat...this one is chocked full of well done action scenes. Brosnan is better here then in Goldeneye (Ya, that's right. I said it) with a performance that shows him having more fun and he handles the action better.
Tomorrow Never Dies also has two good Bond girls. Terri Hatcher also gets a lot of hate for reasons I don't understand. I do feel her character was underused, but I dig that they made her someone from Bond's past, and you get a sense Bond truly cares for her. Michelle Yeoh is kick-ass here as one of the more useful Bond girls of the series. We even get a cool henchmen in Stamper.
I mean, there really isn't much to say here other than I have an unabashedly good time with this flick. Ya, the villain may be weak and the plot is goofy (Again, this is Bond we're talking about here) but damn if it isn't a blast. One thing though, Sheryl Crow butchered the theme song. I like the song itself, but her vocals are screechingly painful. They should have used Surrender by KD Lang.
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I actually love the villain's plot in Tomorrow Never Dies. Controlling the news media by creating the news. I think that is pretty cool.

Mark me as one who loved Tomorrow Never Dies. Definitely one of my favorites. Then again, I love ALL of the Brosnan Bond movies.
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Originally Posted by ilovemovies View Post
Then again, I love ALL of the Brosnan Bond movies.
This. Brosnan owned Bond. IMO, he is still the second best after the man himself, Sean Connery. And that's no slight on Brosnan, but everybody knows Connery is Bond.

For me, it is all about Bond with these movies. I like what Craig is doing right now, haven't seen Skyfall yet. So the order of preference possibly could change after I watch it.

Connery Bond Movies
Brosnan Bond Movies
Craig Bond Movies

Then the rest, which are not nearly as good. Some even unwatchable. I'll give Moore a notch above the bottom feeders. Some of his were entertaining.

Like I said, really like what Craig is doing. If Skyfall is close to casino Royale good, I say he surpasses Brosnan.

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I've often noticed how Bond films try to fit in with what's cool at the moment. Tomorrow Never Dies definitely tapped into the resurgance of kung fu in Hollywood with stars like Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh (obvs.) making box office hits. This happened with The Man with the Golden Gun released when Bruce Lee was big in Hollywood. More recently of course you have the more visceral and realistic fighting made popular by Bourne in Casino Royale and all of Craig's movies to date. You could even see the effect of blaxplotation in Live and Let Die and the emergence of computer-centred thrillers in A View to a Kill.

I liked Tomorrow Never Dies probably even more than Goldeneye. Like you say, I think Brosnan really hit his stride with this one.
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I also loved 'Tomorrow Never Dies'. I didn't think the villain's plot was goofy, though Jonathan Pryce certainly hammed it up (and I really enjoyed his performance). Not as good as Goldeneye, but still a fantastic Bond film.
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1.License To Kill

2.The Living Daylights

3.Quantom Of Solace

4.Live and Let Die

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