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Films that ring true to your own life

What films would you consider to be the most like your own life?? Obviously , we are talking with some degree of artistic licence here, I doubt too many of us here have experienced a divorce (fairly likely) that led to an epic journey across mystic lands and kingdoms to symbollically throw your old wedding ring into a volcano (less likely). But maybe like you can see the same kinds of friendships in a movie portrayal of a group of buddies, or you grew up in the same area as the film is set and the depiction was spot-on...

For me I'd say The Wackness really hit home for me in my late teens/early 20s: the girl difficulties, the weed, the hip hop, the being an outsider and there was even a guy who resembled Method Man, but without the wierd Jamaican accent he puts on.
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I first saw Lost in Translation when I was struggling with clinical depression and suicidal thoughts. Granted, the film isn't about that, but it is about loneliness, which definitely goes with depression.

So the film that rang true to me the most was Lost in Translation.
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I fell in love with THE BAXTER earlier in my adult life...perfectly displayed how I felt about my love life at the time. Showing me what was going on in my life at the time via other people really helped to turn my hopeless romantic life around
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Alpha Dog and Brick come to mind. Not because of the killings. None of my close friends died although a kid I hung out with a little bit hung himself in high school.

But the parties and drug dealing were very much a part of my high school and for a few years after. I sold weed in school, then later graduated to meth/acid/shrooms/etc. And I moved out at 17 with some older, already out of school burnout friends. Our house was THE party house in town. People coming and going 24/7. We were drinkin', snortin', smokin', and sellin' like there was no tomorrow.

Ahhhhhh, those were the days.
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I'd have to say Clerks. I'm working a dead end job, and I'm always being told I need to go back to school and finish my college degree. I'm entirely too smart for what I'm doing, and I'm more than capable of bettering myself. Yet, I go to work everyday and serve the public (I even get called in on my days off). I mess around and get into a bit of trouble. My friends and my peers that I work with have a very demented sense of humor, and we're not always enjoying the most politically correct conversations, some of which have been audible to customers.
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Human Traffic is spot-on for my late20s-early 30s all a whole .... every character does something that actually happened to me
in my drug-induced rave nights.

including : being interviewed by a journalist while high , hustling for tickets , paranoia/jalousy , intense philosophical conversations that really aren't that profound when you think about it later , the promise to quit drugs after a 3 days party , hating my job , love of music ( great soundtrack ) , wanting to get intimate with a girl that friend-zoned you , etc

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Lost in Translation
Pee-Wee's big adventure

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Deep Throat. Yeah, baby!
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