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A Reminder: Don't Drink and Drive


IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent was arrested early Saturday morning for intoxication manslaughter after a one-vehicle accident that killed teammate Jerry Brown.

According to Irving police, Brent's car was traveling at a high rate of speed on a State Highway 114 service road before it hit the outside curb at approximately 2:30 a.m. The car flipped at least one time and skidded an estimated 900 feet before coming to rest in the middle of the service road, police said.
That is a stupid way to ruin your life. It is a shame the drive usually lives while others die.

This is a sad, sad story especially considering how easy it could have been avoided. Pretty much every NFL team has a free taxi service where all you have to do is call a number and get a safe ride home. No questions asked.

I have seen bill boards saying you can't afford to drink and drive. You can't
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Yes it is sad when things like this happen,there is a slogan used in,aus if drink driving you are a bloody idiot but people never learn do they u
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In my experience, not driving drunk and using condoms are two things most people lie about.

Most people who go out drive over the limit on their way home.
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Only yesterday a lady was driving on the wrong side of the road and l have to she was very drunk and she had a head on with a car and she kill killed five people
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Good topic, Erroneous. Good gesture too.

It's almost the festive season again. I swear it seems to come around quicker each time. Like I give a shit about Christmas and all the trimmings. For me it's just another day. But each and every single year it's the same old story. Drunk drivers kill or mame themselves. Or more tragically, they kill innocent people. It wouldn't be Christmas without this annual event, right? People just don't give a shit about anything except themselves. And even then, they don't care about their own well-being. People on the whole are selfish, greedy, self-centered pieces of shit that aren't worth a dime in my books. They don't deserve the air that they breath. When one person takes the life of another person in this manner (drink driving). This is what i think should happen.

1. Banned for life from driving any vehicle whatsoever.
2. Made to pay not only for their crime, but to give money to the victims family for the rest of their life.
3. Must be made to feel like COMPLETE AND UTTER SHIT for the rest of their days.

But the law is soft. And this will never ever be implemented.

Fuck 'em. I am so sick and tired of hearing and reading about drunk driving claiming the lives of people. It can ALL be avoided. That's why that FUCKING STUPID CUNT-WHORE named Lindsay Loser Lohan should be locked up and have the cell key thrown away. She will end up being part of a hit and run while she's high or pissed, then she will kill someone. But it's ok, she will serve an entire week in jail for that, plus a $2000 fine. YIPPEE! All is forgiven, Yeah right. It's Lindsay Lohan for God's sake. She is special, and more important than everyone else, right? Fuckin put us out of our misery and hang the smelly two-bit whore. You will be doing society a huge immeasurable favor.

As for drink drivers in general. Fuck you, eat shit and die. Take your own life instead of if innocent victims. Fuckers.
I haven't got a single shred of compassion for drunk drivers who hurt or kill other people etc.
I have never ever driven a vehicle in my entire life under the influence. Because I respect the lives of other good people.
If I was drunk and ran over and killed a few terrorists, be sure and give me a medal, ok? Oh, that's right. I almost forgot. They aren't people. They are human feces.


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Well, since we cant ever outlaw alcohol no matter how many lives it claims, both by drunk driving and health problems, why not install a mandatory breathalyzer in every car that wont start until you pass?
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