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Help with Toy Story 2 BR - picture issue/judder?

Hey, I'm having a picture quality-type issue and cannot get to the bottom of it. I thought I'd ask here before registering for blu-ray.com or avs and maybe getting similar responses.

The problem I have seems judder-related though I really don't think it's judder.

In Toy Story 2, the DVD/BR combo that came out in 2010, there are 2 scenes where -- It doesn't seem to be judder to me, more like the picture is jerking back and forth (not a strobbing effect like you see with judder.)

The scene is during the chapter Gang Round Up (or something similarly titled) when they show Woody the wall of all the Woody-related items. It pans across everything. Now when I watch it, everything jumps back and forth, making things unreadable. It kind of feels like this (where each frame is a different number)

1 2 3 2 3 4 3 4 5 4 5 6 5…

Follow me here, it's like it moves back one frame every few frames. It's not the missing frame thing but like it's doing some kind of bad telecine effect

To make matters weirder, it also does this on the menu with the picture clips floating in the background. This doesn't even make sense to me since I know the menu was made specifically for disc so there should be no film frame rate issue.

This is the only film I have this issue with, or at least have noticed. I'm very familiar with judder and am not a detractor of it. This almost seems like something related to a defective disc so I'm wondering if others are seeing it or if anyone has any idea what's going on. Seems doubtful as I'd imagine I'd find others with the problem. It's only that one scene where anything looks wrong. Other instances, like when they move up on the Chicken Man's apartment building, it looks just like I'd expect it -- looks great!


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I did find one other net-user complaining of the same issue and someone says it could be an issue with the TV, but that seems odd to me as I have a fairly large collection and don't see this anywhere else. I've been in my service menu to see if panel processing switching or anything might be helpful but no luck.
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