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Should Celebs Charge For Autographs?

I wanted to include a poll with this thread, but it appears there's no option for that yet. Anyway, here's my story...

I've been going to local conventions in my area since 2004, and very few celebrities have signed for free. This really bugged me a lot at first, and still does to a certain extent. My basic view is this: if the promoters are covering the guests' hotels, flights, and/or appearance fees, why do the celebs feel a need to stuff their wallets even more by harping on fans? I understand wanting to be compensated for your time, but at what point does it become overkill? The most I ever recall paying is $40, and that was once...but I've heard of stars who charge insane amounts, like $80 for Patrick Stewart, $150 for Mark Hamill, or over $400 for Harrison Ford! As much as I enjoy some folks' work, there's no way I'm putting up with that.

What's your take on this subject in general? Good, bad, indifferent?
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If people are willing to pay it then they're simply waiting to be exploited, sadly.
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I'd say definitely not right if you're talking about strictly a signature especially when it comes to big names like Harrison Ford and Patrick Stewart. You know celebs like that aren't hurting for money so it's just wrong in my opinion.

I've been to a few horror conventions and met a few minor celebs (compared to everyone in Hollywood, but some could be considered horror icons) and actors/actresses who don't really get much work anymore. While they all sold pics you could buy from them to get signed, I don't think any of them charged for autographs of other things or to get personal pictures with them with the exception of one out of the dozen or more I've seen. Considering these were celebs who weren't huge, I had no problem buying pics to get signed from the ones I liked though. Plus they weren't overly expensive. $25 was the most I paid and that was for Taylor Mane... so not really a mega star, but the dude was super nice so I didn't mind.
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My only autograph is from Vince Regan. He signed my The Art of 300 book. Had to pay 15 euro's if I'm not mistaken.

But do the celebs get (all) the money or does the organization get the dough? I always thought the latter.
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From the conventions I've gone to, it depends on the contracts done with the celebs.
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How fucking corrupt do you have to be to make millions and then have the audacity to ask average joe fans for cash in return for a copy of their own signature?
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NOOOOO!!! The fans are the reason they get paid millions. They should pay US for their autographs!!!

They need to remember, without fans, they'd be shit on a stick!!!!!!
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