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VIDEO CAPSULE: From Dusk Till Dawn (8/10)

This movie is friggin' cool beyond words. Robert Rodriguez is one talented mofo behind the camera, and once again Quentin Tarantino lends hand to a great script - it's only too bad Quentin can't back up his writing skills with solid acting skills... Oh well, no biggie I suppose.

From top to bottom this movie entertains, thrills & excites. From the opening scene - where the sherrif and the store clerk meet the business end of the Gecko tools-of-the-trade, to the final back-to-back face off against the surviving demons from hell.

I'm telling you, to've been on the set during the filming of the scenes inside the "Titty Twister"... Let's just say, it looks like it would've been one helluva fun time!

George Clooney is solid as Seth Gecko and Harvey Kietel is also excellent as the "mean motherfuckin' servant of God". Quentin Tarantino on the other hand was, as far as I'm concerned, the weak link in the cast - not to mention the two glue monkeys playing Kietel's kids (I personally hate Juliette Lewis). Then there's all the bit players in the film that really form a solid mortar for this film - Sex Machine, Frost, Cheech Marin's pussy hound (plus two other rolls), the Mexican bartender, the Band, and of course - lest we forget - Salma Hayek's wonderful scene... It all adds up to a solid 2 hours worth of film, that could really share the tagline afforded Gibson's PAYBACK - "Get Ready to Route for the Bad Guy"

8/10 - put the kids to bed early for this one...
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It's my all time fave Vampire Movie. It's just and awsome movie. The effects are great, acting was superb (And I don't like George Clooney) and that Salma Hayek dance, WOW!!!!!!!!

Also if you play it through the stereo, what a sound it puts out.

9/10 for Horror Genre
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I love this movie.
Salma's dancing is the sexiest scene ever to be shown on the big screen. George Clooney rocked the house with his performance, the attitude was bang on.
This movie didn't really need the vampires in it though. It could have been a bit better had they made it more like Butch and Sundance, The oulaws trying to stay ahead of the law. Just a thought.
Definetly 8 outta 10.
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The idea of no vampires in "FDTD" is interesting, but I think what made it such a success was the vampires...It could have been a cool "Ronnie & Clyde" story too though, but I liked how it turned out. My favorite part would have to be the beginning with the Texas Cop and the convenience store...and Cheech Marin being a carnival barker in front of the Titty-Twister bar...Tarantino sure was a freak in this one though. I would love to see some more Rodriguez/Tarantino stuff in the future...although they should leave out Harry Knowles this time (think "The Faculty")...
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