Old 07-09-2001, 12:38 PM
JoBlo and Dr. Drew review question...

Are you two going to ever review any old movies? You do every so often but I think when you don't have any new movies to review you should review some old ones...Just a suggestion.
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Old 07-09-2001, 06:20 PM
Phew...puff, puff...I personally cannot review any old movies because I simply do not have the time anymore. I do however write up some of my video reviews in the VIDEO CAPSULES forum every now and again (I will eventually add links to these on my MOVIE REVIEWS page, as VIDEO CAPSULES).

In regards to our DVD reviews, that too is a matter of not having enough time (I think that Drew's got quite a handful of new ones to review each week), but I have thought about bringing on another DVD reviewer so that we could cover more ground in that respect (i.e. review older films, etc...).

Only time and the continuance of this site...will tell... [img]/ubb/wink.gif[/img]
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