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unlocking my DVD Player

This is probably a question that has been asked a million times before, but does anyone know where I can find a code to unlock my DVD to enable it to play all regions>>

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you're not giving us much to go on here, what country are you in and what is the make and model of your player?

A very helpful site is: http://www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk but if you aint from these parts (UK) you probably won't find what you are looking for. If you do check out that site and can't find it then tell me the make and model and I'll have a look around.

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What does unlocking it do?
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it means you can play a DVD encoded to a region other than the one which you bought the player in. Some players are multi-region out of the box, while others can be hacked by a code, others need to be chipped.

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When you say region do you mean like a country? Or something else.
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Here's a map of how the world is divided into regions.

Most DVD's will have a globe with one or more number(s) in it clearly visible on the cover. If the number of the region where you bought your (unmodified) player is not shown then the DVD don't work with your player. In addition to this you should be aware that in some of the regions there are both PAL and NTSC releases. Most U.S. players only supports NTSC video while most European players supports both NTSC and PAL. In order to play a disc the player need to support both the region and the video format. This means that most players in the USA can't play an European release even if the player has been modified to become a multiregional player.

There are 3 types of multiregional or "code free" modification for the players:

Region 0 This was the first kind of modification. Many DVDs are encoded so that they will not be read by thise player.

Autmatic change of region The discs can be encoded to "fool" the player to change to the wrong region so they become unplayable, known as region coding enhanced (RCE) dvds and so this is not trustworthy.

Manual change of region This is the only type that assures full compatibility. A person changes the region of their player every time they wish to watch a DVD of another region.

A disc can also be coded for region 0 or all which means that it can be played on all DVD players(that supports the same video format).

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I use dvd genie on my dvd drive in my computer. It enables all dvds, but i had to switch its port in my computer and big long process.
My poor dvd player that hooked up to my tv is stuck on region 2 until i get it chipped soon
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