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Cube 4 - Trespassed

Looks like there is to be a fourth in the Cube series called Trespassed. A straight to DVD movie from Savage Dog Films. This one is to be produced by Lennie Overgaard and starring A.M Clement.
There is a short interview with Lennie Overgaard at


The poster looks pretty cool.

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While I love all three CUBE movies, I think I know enough about the "Cube" universe. I'd welcome it but I don't think it's really needed.

This belongs in Current/Upcoming, by the way.
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oh god another one
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I dunno...is this official, because that looks like a fanmade poster or something...
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is the TV series still going to be made?
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There's nothing to suggest that there's any validity to this rumor, but a fourth Cube wouldn't surprise me. Hell, if a sequel to Day of the Dead can be made without anyone knowing about it, I suppose that this isn't farfetched. I hate the fact that the subtitle is in past tense, though. That's a strange criticism to level at a film, but for some reason, it bothers the piss out of me.
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I wouldn't mind checking this out if its not a rumor.
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I did a bit of poking around to see if the rumour could be substantiated and this is what I've found so far.

Lennie Overgaard (writer of upcoming horror movie Rip Cage) was approached by Lions Gate to make the Official Cube 2 Hypercube WEB Site. Then the Cube Zero Site. (uncubed.com that Lennie runs.)

Anyway I had a look at the Savage Dog Films site (http://www.savagedogfilms.com/) and found the following.

Savage Dog did the publicity material for Cube Zero and for Cube 2 as well as the digital promo trailer.

Under their Films tab there is a picture of the Trespassed DVD cover which is the same as the one in my first post. (as well as their other current projects including the afore mentioned Rip Cage : http://www.savagedogfilms.com/films.html) however the synopsis for Trespassed is written in Latin or a derivative of. I translated the text and while it comes out in English it is complete gibberish nonsense. (hhhhmmm)

Anyway check out the links and you decide. I am waiting on some responses from a couple of emails so hopefully I can add a bit more info soon.

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O.K I have now got the drum on the rumour.

I thought I would go straight to the horses mouth and fired off an email to Lennie Overgaard. Here is the response:

Hi - Thanks for your e-mail. Trespassed is NOT a 4th Cube film, but is simply inspired by. And we don't have a synopsis for Trespassed yet, which is why there isn't one there - the Latin is just as you say - nonsense.

Alright, here's the deal about Trespassed. It's a Cube pilot film I'm doing for Lions Gate right now.
Hopefully, they'll like it so much that I'm getting a greenlight to go ahead and make the feature length version of it.

Trespassed is a short and is produced with help from my SDF friends. It's an epic adventure with enormous sets etc.

Hopefully, that answered your question.

Sincerely yours,
Lennie Overgaard
Savage Dog Film & Digitals Ltd

So there you have it. However Lennie's film Rip Cage looks pretty awsome but I will post a new thread on that (and in the right place this time)
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Old 08-04-2012, 12:38 AM
cube 4

how long will be make this movie on cube: 4 Trespassed on 2013 ? how long will be coming? i hope i gotta see this movie how great it was
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cube 4

what's gotta happened on cube 4 Trespassed on 2013? i wish i gotta see how the story and places? i think movie will be awwsome u see....
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