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The Seductive Heather Graham!

Hey ladies and gents,

The next female lead woman that I feel should get some attention is the stunningly gorgeous and talented Heather Graham. Ever since seeing "Boogie Nights" for the first time, I have been in love with Heather Graham since her performance was excellent and she stole my heart. Ever since, she has done countless films and has been just as good since. She is not the best actress in the world but she is up there and far underrated. Not only her acting abilities are good but she is one of the most attractive women I have ever seen. No matter what kind of role she takes, she remains so sexy as the years go by. Therefore, a huge YAY for me wishing that Heather Graham would call me! What do you all think?

Here is some Heather goodness!

That is a woman!

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Talent wise i'm not sure. Never really liked her much.

Looks wise she's a bit ropey..............just kidding. A woman I would dearly like to spenda night with.

Meh who am I kidding 4 and a half minutes.
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I give her a YAY.
Quirky, sexy...she just needs to stay away from TV.
(Cancelled after ONE episode? Holy shit.)
But still a YAY.
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Originally posted by RustyRazor
I give her a YAY.
Quirky, sexy...she just needs to stay away from TV.
(Cancelled after ONE episode? Holy shit.)
But still a YAY.
Agreed good sir!
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I laughed so hard during her 'cake scene' in Anger Management. I literally cried because of laughing so hard. It was like 4am that night when I watched the movie too. LMAO.
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Soooooo fucking hot.
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Old 04-09-2006, 10:56 PM
I like her very much!

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Big Yay!

She is fucking lovely.
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I'd give her a qualified yay. Pretty girl, but not the best actress. At least, I think she's only as good as her material. Loved her in Boogie Nights, liked her in Bowfinger, but she was arguably mistcast in From Hell. I suppose this sort of contradicts my earlier statement, but as much as I hated Say It Isn't So, I guess she did as much as she could have reasonably done with the material. Can anyone recommend additional titles to help me clairify my views on the issue? Thanks.
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Old 04-26-2006, 05:14 AM
She seems like a really cool gal, and heck shes HOT. A definite YAY
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god damn!!

she has got to be one of the hottest chicks on the face of the planet. ever.
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Someone hit her with a fugly stick too many times.
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She's certainly a hot one.

Plus she's got truly great comedic timing and she's really funny. I'd love to see her in a big comedy lead. She also aced a dramatic part in Boogie Nights, and was one of the best things about Sidewalks of New York so I know she can act. She's an underrated, beautiful actress.
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Originally posted by eljefe15
I like her very much!

(is that a lil nip in that middle picture?! haha)
YAY! Heck yeah, she's cute and funny. I liked her in Austin Powers. She does a really good job on SCRUBS.
I'm not a les but I have a total girl crush on her, always have.
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