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Anne Bancroft

Another classy lady I highly admire is Anne Bancroft. Dramas and Comedies is when Anne is at her best. I think everyone will automatically think of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. I also loved her in Torch Song Trilogy,Heartbreakers, To Be Or Not To Be. The list goes on & on.
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YAY her work in the Graduate equals the single greatest female performance ever.
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Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson: a big YAY (who wasn't expecting someone to say that?) She was also great in:

The Miracle Worker
Agnes of God
The Turning Point
The Elephant Man
The Pumpkin Eater
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Ahhhh Turning Point. Who can't forget the rooftoop scence where Bancroft and Shirley Maclaine goin at it slapping each other.
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YAY. The blessed lady is a chameleon.
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I will forever remember her as Mrs. Robinson but her other performances are truly amazing as well, especially her work in The Miracle Worker, which was astonishing.
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