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Kristin Scott Thomas

Probably most famous for her roles in The English Patient and The Horse Whisperer, which I thought were pretty decent. Everything I see her in I can't complain about her acting.

A definite yay from me, what about the rest of you guys?

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My favorite movie of Kristin is Four Weddings & A Funeral as Fiona.

Charles: Any idea who the girl in the black hat is?
Fiona: The name's Carrie.
Charles: Pretty.
Fiona: American.
Charles: Interesting.
Fiona: Slut.

[At a wedding]
Old lady: Are you married?
Fiona: No.
Old lady: Are you a lesbian?
Fiona: Good lord! What makes you ask that?
Old lady: Well, it is one of the possibilites for unmarried girls nowadays, and it's rather more interesting than saying, "Oh dear, never met the right chap," eh?
Fiona: Quite right. Why be dull?
Old lady: Thank you.
[long pause]
Fiona: I was a lesbian once at school, but only for about fifteen minutes.

for Kristin!

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I believe you spell it KRISTIN.

But no matter. Big YAY here. I've liked her in everything I've seen her in and I'd really like to see her do more work than she has been.
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Originally posted by SAI
I believe you spell it KRISTIN.
Well, excuse me!

Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn't realized I typed it with the "e". But anyways, it's all fixed now!
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Yay. Great actress. She was wonderful in The Horse Whisperer as well as in Gosford Park and Random Hearts.
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